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MyVideo is a movie and video sharing sites that is growing in popularity, which makes users eager to be able to download the videos and watch them later on their computer, tablets or smart phone. If you want to download clips from MyVideo, please keep reading for the reviews of user-friendly programs which make downloading and enjoying videos so much fun.

Download Videos from MyVideo on Mac OS

If you want to download videos from sites like MyVideo, Dailymotion, Break, YouTube, Vimeo, the New York Times, VEVO and Liveleak, you need a program like Video Downloader Pro. Another option is the YouTube Downloader for Mac by Aimersoft. This allows you to convert from one file type to another like FLV, WMV, MOV, 3GP, AVI, SWS, MP4, ASF and MPEG-1. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

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Step1 Find a video you want to download

It is very easy to begin the downloading process in MyVideo for Mac. Install the program, and then navigate on your browser over to the MyVideo website. You can use Firefox, Chrome or Safari to find the videos you wish to save.

Step2 Simply click the MyVideo button to start the download process

Play any clip on MyVideo and a “Download” button will appear at the upper right corner of the window. All you have to do is click on this to begin the download process. The file will automatically be saved to the Downloads folder on your computer. The MyVideo software also includes a media player, so if you would like you can play the clips you save directly in this program.

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Step3 Convert MyVideo files to other formats if you wish

Choose a place on your hard drive or other storage where you would like to save the new video files you create with the conversion process. After inputting those details, simply click on “Convert” and the process will begin automatically. MyVideo quickly converts to many different preferred media formats.

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MyVideo MP3 Conversion Solution

In order to turn the audio from the saved videos into the MP3 file type, we recommend the Free Online Audio Recorder. It will separate the sound from the video for any clip, music website or blog you are listening to. When you find an audio file you wish to record, open up this app and press the “Start Recording” icon. It is necessary to enable the Java applet in order for this tool to work.

Next, click on “Audio Input” and then “System Sound.” Play the file on MyVideo or another playback application and hit the “Record” button on this website to begin. Click “Stop” at the end and you can save the audio recording in MP3 format on your hard drive or elsewhere.

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