VLC Record Screen – How to Use VLC as a Screen Recorder

VLC is not only a video player, but also a powerful screen recorder. In this article, you will learn how to record desktop with the VLC recording feature. You can also use an advanced screen recorder instead since VLC recording is a little complicated. Get a free copy of the advanced recorder by clicking the button below.

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As we all know, VLC is a popular media player which is well-known for its wide compatibility for media formats: whatever media file you may have, it lets you play and watch it. However, only a few people know that VLC can be used as a screen recorder to record computer desktop as video files apart from being a media player. VLC record screen? Yes, you heard it right! You can use VLC screen recording feature to record your desktop screen without any third-party apps. Though not as versatile as other screen recorders in recording, VLC Media Player does allow you to record your screen easily in the desired format for free. If you need to occasionally do a screen recording, you can just take VLC as the first choice. Now let’s have a look at how to record desktop with VLC Media Player.

How to Record Desktop with VLC Media Player

1. Run VLC Media Player and click on View tab and select Advanced Controls. After that, some more controls will appear on the main interface of VLC.

record using vlc

2. Now you can click Media > Open Capture Device to get access to the Open Media window, where you can confirm the recording settings. Just select Desktop as the Capture Mode and set the Desired frame rate for the capture as 10 fps. Generally 10-12fps is advised as it will make find video recordings. You can also set higher frame rate for better output quality. But higher frame rate requires greater computer power. And then from the bottom right, click on the small down facing arrow beside Play and choose Stream from the list.

record with vlc

3. A Stream Output window will then pop up. Simply click Next to go on setting the destination. Just make sure File is selected for New Destination and then click Add to browse to set a desired location to save the output recorded video and also the file name. After that, click on Save and then hit Next.

record desktop with vlc

4. You will then see the Transcoding Options window, where you can set the output format from Profile. Just choose the one you need and click on Next. (The default H.264 video with MP3 audio is a good choice for the video recording.)

record video with vlc

5. Now you can just click on the Stream button to start recording your desktop with VLC. It’s recommended that you minimize the VLC window to exclude it from your screencast. Once you’re done with the recording, simply open VLC Media Player window and click on the Stop button to stop the recording. And then go to the destination folder you have specified to find the recorded screen.

That’s it! Quite easy to use VLC for screen recording, right? It seems very great to record video with VLC Media Player for its multi-platform compatibility for Windows, Mac and even Linux. However, there are some disadvantages and limitations for VLC screen capturing. Here are the 3 main ones:

Drawbacks of Recording Desktop with VLC:

  • 1. You cannot use your voice in the screencast as VLC doesn’t record sound. But you can stream the audio file so as to save it along with the screencast.
  • 2. You can only record the full screen. It’s impossible to record only a selected part of the desktop.
  • 3. There are many times VLC Media Player crashes when you use it to record screen.

So if you want more flexible and stable recording modes, and need to record screen and audio simultaneously, you’d better turn to other screen recording tools like Screen Grabber Pro.

Screen Grabber Pro – Best VLC Alternative to Record Screen

Screen Grabber Pro from AceThinker is an award-winning screen recorder that allows you to record any screen activity on your computer in high quality. Compared with VLC, it offers much more features and is recommended as the best alternative to VLC screen recording. Here are some of its key features:

1. Flexible Recording Modes: You can either record in full screen to capture the entire computer screen or just choose an area to record, to record around your mouse cursor or record webcam.

2. Record Screen with Audio Simultaneously: You are free to record audio from the system, your microphone or both. It’s great for making video tutorials and recording gameplay videos as you can add your voice narrations.

3. Multiple Output Formats: You can save the recorded video into a number of formats, including AVI, WMV, FLV, MPV, MKV, etc. Moreover, the video can be directly uploaded to YouTube for sharing with the world.

4. Edit Your Screencast in Real Time: This program comes with a built-in editor that lets you edit your recording by adding texts, line, highlights, etc. in real time to polish and enhance your demonstration.

5. Create Scheduled Task: Another remarkable feature of this screen recorder is that it enables you to create scheduled task by presetting the recording start time ahead. It’s quite useful if you need to record something when you’re busy or away from the computer.

Attracted by this VLC screen capture alternative? Although it’s powerful, the interface is quite easy to use. You can accomplish the recording job in a few clicks. Here is a simple guide on how to use this program. Follow it to capture your screen with ease!

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Step1 Select Recording Settings

First of all, run the program and click Settings > Options to confirm some general settings like the output format, output folder, recording hotkey, mouse cursor style, etc. At the same time, select the recording mode and the audio input source that best suits your requirements.

record using vlc

Step2 Record Your Computer Screen

Now you can click the Start button on the top left of the interface to start the recording. During the recording process, you can pause and resume it any time you like. If needed, you can even insert webcam video to create a picture-in-picture effect.

record with vlc

Step3 Stop and Save Your Recording

When you’re done with the recording, simply click the red Stop button to end it. The screen recorder will then start to process and publish the video. The video will be then displayed in the video list on the main interface, where you can play, locate, rename, etc. as you wish.

vlc screen capture

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Comparison and Conclusion

Screen Grabber ProVLC Media Player
Steps InvolvedEasy StepsRelatively Hard
PerformanceStable and GreatGood
Record Full Screen
Record in Region
Record along with Sound
Video Editing Function
Schedule Recording
Upload to YouTube

You can use VLC Media Player to record your desktop in a decent way. However, the limitations of VLC recording are also obvious and sometimes the drawbacks will frustrate you when you want to make a perfect recording. It’s recommended that you use Screen Grabber Pro as it offer much more versatile features to fit all your recording needs.

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