Vimeo Vs YouTube: Which One is Right for Business?

This page is a comparison between two of the most visited video streaming site these days. The review has accessed the quality, benefits, and popularity of both sites. You will also learn how to download videos easily using Video Keeper. Can’t wait to try the donwloader? Click “Try it free” now.

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vimeo vs youtube

If you are a small business or trying to cater to a growing audience of your fans then you want the best platform for your videos. You want quality and the ability to spread your word as quickly as possible, but you also want it to be easy to use for your audience. When trying to reach the largest audience base possible you might wish to post your business or fan based video is as many avenues as there are available to you, however, this may just confuse your audience or your customers. It is better to find a singular video platform where you can reach your audience in the most efficient yet professional way possible.

It is well known that there are two main competitors in the video platform arena, YouTube and Vimeo. Historically, YouTube is known for having a large audience base that wants only short videos that are entertaining. While the Vimeo video platform is known of having a small audience base but better video resolution. However, does this common knowledge still stand up especially when recent upgrades were implemented? There are different areas of focus when you are looking for a platform to post your videos. When choosing a platform for your business could add to the potential success of your business.

YouTube VS Vimeo: Quality

YouTube Has a Larger Audience

When it comes to YouTube vs Vimeo, YouTube is the larger of the two video platforms and has the potential of reaching a larger audience. YouTube vs Vimeo comparison shows that YouTube has 1 billion people who regularly visit the site while Vimeo has 170 million people who regularly visit the site. When it comes to marketing a small business YouTube might be your better choice of because of sheer audience potential.

On the other hand YouTube is a free service that anyone with a Google email address or Google account can post videos to so there is a lot of competition for an audience’s attention. Especially since YouTube helps pay for its business needs by playing advertisements before videos. For your business this could spell trouble since YouTube might play a competitor’s advertisements before your video.

Strength: YouTube is the largest video platform with greatest amount of users with various needs.

Vimeo Contributors Are More Professional

Vimeo is not as popular as YouTube but provides an added degree of ease of use. Contributors to Vimeo tend to be of high quality and have a higher degree of informative or useful content. This could be that the accounts for businesses on Vimeo are not free and run on a monthly fee, therefore the companies that are producing and posting video want to ensure that their video is the best quality that they can afford.

In terms of technical quality and speed of a video, YouTube vs Vimeo is actually running on par with each other, which is 1080p at 4k speeds. Vimeo also add stats that you can see how often people view a video, how often, and if they actually finish viewing the entire video.

Strength: Vimeo has relative high quality videos and more accurate user orientation.

YouTube VS Vimeo: Spread

YouTube Offers a Better Search Function

YouTube Vs Vimeo comparison goes further when focusing on reaching audiences that unfamiliar with your business. Vimeo is able to promote your brand and image by being more business centered, giving videos that are on your channel and providing a direction connection to your website. YouTube is designed to keep the user on the YouTube website for as long as possible and this may diminish your potential hits to your website.

YouTube does provide a better search functions that is able to pick up a variety of video based on a single keyword while Vimeo needs to be more specific. As stated before that Google owns YouTube, when someone searches for a keyword on the internet, especially the Google search engine, it will provide results from YouTube more than it will provide result from Vimeo.

Strength: Thanks to Google’s search engine, it’s easier for users to search for your videos on YouTube.

Vimeo Provides More Privacy Options

Because YouTube is available to everyone there is less of a structured community than on Vimeo. On YouTube everyone is able to comment on a video, which could end up proving to be positive or negative. As a positive aspect it allows you to interact with people who interested in your business or knowledge. In your business you may want only essential personnel to video before it becomes live for the public. YouTube does offer three different privacy options while Vimeo offers a total of six different privacy options to meet more of your business needs.

Strength: Vimeo has more specific classification of user groups that makes it more effective to spread your video among potential customers.

YouTube VS Vimeo: Business Benefits

Merits Provided by YouTube

As exclusive benefits for business purpose, YouTube provides the merits as follows:

  • – High quality HD video with fast speeds
  • – A large audience
  • – Potential for advertising
  • – Free hosting
  • – Developing a relationship with viewers via comments
  • – Higher potential for traffic based on Google search results

Benefits Offered by Vimeo

On the other hand, the special benefits of Vimeo are elaborated:

  • – High quality HD video with fast speeds
  • – Added customer service support to help in uploading your videos
  • – Smaller, more professional audience
  • – Would like the added traffic of a video being posted but don’t need feedback
  • – Use your own website as a method for connectivity
  • – Need stronger stats for who is viewing
  • – No competitor’s advertising
  • – A controlled community where respect is insisted upon


To conclude, you may choose to trade off the potential for a negative community and being associated with unfavorable keywords so that you can gain access to a huge audience base and the ever-growing power of Google. Or you may choose to trade off the huge audience potential and favorable search results for the ability to control your message and be able to have access to a more professional and respectful environment.

Extra Tips: Download Videos from YouTube and Vimeo

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