Udemy Vs Coursera Online Courses Compared: Which is Better?

This article is a comparison between Udemy and Coursera which are both Educational websites where you can take tutorials on your chosen field. More often, the average memory retention of a listener on one sitting lecture is only 5%, that is why you may not remember every detail. That being said, its best to record the session using Screen Grabber Pro. Start your free trial now.

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Udemy vs CourseraThanks to the online courses, now you can just sit in front of the computer to learn anything you like freely. There are numerous online learning platforms that offer a wide variety of courses in different fields and types that can fulfill all your learning needs. And Udemy and Coursera are 2 of the leading online learning platforms that have a large number of users. Here we will make a brief review of Udemy and Coursera and compare the 2 platforms in different aspects to help you understand which one best fits your particular needs. Have a look at the Udemy Coursera comparsion and decide which site you will rely on for self-development.

Introduction of Coursera and Udemy

Coursera proffers time bound as well as self-paced courses materials to learners which can be reached for free in addition to the paid version. The pattern of quizzes, video tutorials, and assignment to enhance learner’s skills can be followed here by professionals on specific topics and in the case of courses that are paid for you will as well be able to get certification as you finish the course.


Udemy gives access to the wide scope of courses over its online platform of learning, and it can change between creative and technical details. If you are much centered on your passion and want to be highly skilled in a specific course from primary level, then it is nice to stay connected with Udemy online learning platform? Teachers at Udemy do not need to be fully trained experts as anyone else can bring in existence a course on this platform, but you will be given wonderful service when you register after checking reviews.


Coursera and Udemy Comparison

udemy coursera comparison

1. About the course:

About the course

1.1 Course Topics:

There are over 1600 courses obtainable on Coursera platform that are being reached by 22 million students from several parts of the world. The contents are accessible in 8 diverse teaching dialects. Udemy has an extensive collection of courses that may be nearly 42000, and also its present active base student is approximately 14 million. You can see content in 48 various languages.

1.2 Course content:

Because it concentrates on famousness with a broad scope of topics such as business, science, and maths, etc., the content of Coursera is now massive. The material is very exhaustive in case of Udemy where topics from fields such as art, entrepreneurship, music, fitness, business, language and technology, etc., are included.

1.3 Course Time:

Courses can differ in Coursera between some weeks to some months, and also a few degree courses might even be completed after some years.

A schedule that is well defined is brought up to date each week on the website so as to help learners.

Courses in Udemy, also, are made with videos ranging in length from some minutes to hours. Your learning should be made to align with course material.

1.4 Course Difficulty:

Course content is proffered in Coursera in the form of programming assignments, quizzes, and video lectures to ensure that students practice continuously so that their skills will be upgraded, but the majority of these assignments are only open to paid students. Course content is straightforward to comprehend, and starters can follow it too.

Courses on Udemy are primarily made with video lectures. However, many of these have quizzes and assignments also that are linked to problems concerning programming. The level of difficulty of courses differ in accordance to teachers and his outline for teaching, but lots these seem to be important for starters.

1.5 Certification:

As soon as you finish your Coursera purchased course, a certificate will be given to you by these experts contingent on your performance. In Coursera, a few courses courses are based on degree, but Udemy does not offer any course content based on degree or certification.

2. Concerning the Instructors:

Concerning the Instructors

In Coursera, instructors are linked from more than 145 universities from every part of the world, and the content of the course here is developed by only professors that are adept. In Udemy on the other hand, the role of a course instructor can be taken by anyone if they are skilled in any specific field. They just need to adhere to the Udemy video guide when making the course content.

3. Concerning the price:

Concerning the price

Many courses are open to you even without any payment in Coursera, and charming quality content is still offered, but if you need a certificate for your skill development or learning, then you must choose paid courses. For certificate or degree based courses, the price range is generally around $15 to $25000. Free courses are also proffered in Udemy as well as paid courses that have lectures in the form of videos. Necessary price range begins from $20 to as high as $200 only. Although the two organizations are centered on generating profits, but yet funding solutions that are appreciable are still given by Coursera to its learners. The quality, of course, is ranked highly, and a lot of universities still choose to regard their content for program credits. In Udemy on the other hand, you won’t be able to discover any funding plan, and the majority of the courses are offered only by individuals.


The broad scope of courses can be given to learners in Coursera and content is entirely formed by professors of different well-known universities all through the world. Content that is high in quality will be open to learners from this website and activities that involve interaction can increase better comprehension of concepts. Presently, this platform is serving a large community of students from a lot of countries all over the world. Udemy and lectures offer content related to virtually all the fields are majorly obtainable in video format. Even as the website is usually open for both expert and non-expert instructors for selling content, of course, you can also find different ranges of content quality. It is advised that students select their lecture after going through the reviews in order that investment gives a positive outcome.

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