uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: Which Is A Better Adblocker 2019

uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus: Did you know? The companies spend more than $500 billion on advertisement per year worldwide. Most of the companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing have the primary source of income is online advertising.

The Blind promotion of companies results in more advertisement and more irritation to the users. Sometimes browsing becomes more complicated than a user expect.

Whenever you are trying to download your favorite music from music sites, movies from online movies sites, games or apps from apk sites, your one click on the download button gives the birth to irritational pop-ups. Is not it?


Why Ad Blockers originated?

Many times we have noticed that whenever we open a link from a web page or open an unknown website, we are bombed with so many advertisements. They either directly come up on the web page itself or open in a new tab (pop-ups).

These annoying ads are dangerous, as some of them do evil work of spreading viruses, doing phishing, malware, keyloggers, etc.

As a result, many specialized software and ad blockers born. There are numerous ad blockers in existence currently.

Some of them are around for a single platform, like Windows, iOS only. While some of them are available for many different platforms . The big names are uBlock, Adblock, uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, etc

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Whether to make use of the AdBlockers or not?

Although the usage of the Adblockers is gradually increasing, still, there is a debate whether we should use them or not.

Advertising has become very aggressive in today’ s as well as may grow more. The advertisers are trying to find more crowded online places to show unwanted ads to irritate users for their profit. The majority of people prefer to use ad blockers to eliminate these ads.

People are finding more reasons why the ad blockers must be used rather than why not. The ads are irritating and annoying. They create security issues for PC and smartphones. They mostly affect the bandwidth usage and the load time.

People tend to use free content rather than paid, and see the ads. So they find better to use the free ad blockers instead of paying for the content. They always search for some better adblockers and quality free VPNs for doing their job.

Some of the ad blockers are untrustworthy and suspicious , that’ s why many people hate them. While these two adblockers are good ones. On the other hand publishers and YouTubers earning their living from on line advertisement.

Using ad blockers may put a black effect on their lives as they are producing valuable content for the users in exchange they are showing some ads for earning money.

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uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus Comparison

Moving on to the ad blockers, let’ s compare two of the free ones, not the ublock vs ublock origin or AdBlock vs AdBlock plus comparison, because they are a bit similar in some aspects.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is a free extension that was created by Vladimir Palant in 2006. It is an open source project licensed under GPLv3.

You can block annoying ads, prevent the malware spreading domains and disable tracking, and so forth This extension is entirely different from the Adblock extension.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin was first launched in June 2014 by Raymond Hill. It is written in JavaScript and licensed under GPLv3+ unlike the Adblock Plus, and uBlock Origin also refuses any donations. There exists a huge difference between uBlock Origin and Ublock. org.

Popularity and Availability

The Adblock Plus was released eight years earlier than the uBlock Origin extension . But, in popularity plus the number of users, it is quite ahead than uBlock Origin. Both the software are available for free and they are open source.

The uBlock Origin is available for Chrome , Firefox, Safari, Chromium, Microsoft Edge, and Opera being an extension.

Whereas the Adblock Plus can be obtained for the Android, Firefox, Ie, Chrome, Opera, Maxthon, Safari and Yandex browsers as an extension. The Adblock Plus is available for more browsers, notably for the Internet Explorer too, as some people still use Windows XP .

However, the uBlock Origin has gained more users and popularity in the last three years. A joint survey recorded 800% growth of uBlock Origin . Still, Adblock Plus can be obtained for more platforms, and it is probably the most popular adblocker.

Champion: Adblock Plus

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User Interface

Continuing with the ublock origin vs AdBlock plus comparison, the navigational easiness from the extensions depends on how quickly you understand the user interface.

The uBlock Origin contains a very minimalistic design and clean UI. Just a big start/stop button at the top of it, then some stats about requests blocked till date, connected domains, etc.

The Adblock Plus extension has a similar enable/disable button in it; together with stats about blocked pages, currently as well as total till the date, and an alternative to share these stats on facebook, twitter, etc.

Both the UIs are super easy to use, not any difficulties there. However, the easy layout of uBlock Origin is more pleasurable.

Champion: uBlock Origin

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uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus Settings

Allow me to remind you that we are certainly not doing any ublock vs AdBlock plus comparison, it’ s of ublock origin vs Adblock plus. As uBlock and uBlock Origin are two different ad blockers.

The settings feature will determine how easily the user will be able to use these extensions to their full potential. The uBlock Origin has 6 tabs in the settings section.

They may be General Settings, 3rd party filters, My filters, My rules, Whitelist and About. You just have to check/uncheck most of them. Whereas the Adblock Plus has 4 tabs; Filter lists , add your filters, Whitelisted domains, and General.

It is a bit messy and complicated compared to uBlock Origin.

uBlock Origin has some more settings, and it is the most lucrative option for power users. Yet , it will increase the CPU usage if you are trying to apply more filters. If you are a lite user, then Adblock Plus will be worth considering.

Champion: uBlock Origin

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Functions and Features

This AdBlock Plus vs uBlock origin comparison now comes to the most crucial aspect here.

The Adblock Plus itself does maybe not have any functionality ; instead, you have to tell it things to block, by adding external filters; besides having some lists enabled like EasyList and Acceptable Adverts List.

The uBlock Origin uses the majority of Adblock Plus’ s filter syntax for blocking ads. They also enabled the subscriptions of EasyPrivacy and EasyList. Thus, here the uBlock Origin has got the point and takes advantage on the Adblock Plus extension.

The uBlock Origin has new functionality that assists the people with color vision deficiency. It also includes further dynamic URL filtering and interface enhancements with a brand new DOM inspector.

In the Adblock Plus, apart from blocking ads and allowing some pleasant ones, you can even disable tracking, malware domains , and social media buttons.

These are handy features that the uBlock Origin doesn’ t have. These help speed up the browser and the computer. Yet , some surveys and reading user reviews have found that the uBlock Origin eats less resources than the Adblock Plus.

A benchmark test with ten blocking extensions showed the uBlock Origin to get more resource efficient. It will eat less resources than the adblcok plus.

Which can be more feature rich in uBlock Origin vs Adblock Plus? No doubt it is uBlock Origin.

Champion: uBlock Origin

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uBlock Origin for Android

Well, you might be thinking that how to proceed when we are browsing on an Android smartphone or tablet. Here comes handy uBlock Origin Firefox add-on to take care of our browsing experience on Android devices.

You simply need to install Firefox browser for Android; then you can easily install uBlock Origin add-on onto it as we do on our windows browsers . It will do the same job as it is doing on Windows browsers. The best thing is that you don’ t need to root Android device for using it.

Note: uBlock Origin is much better in most of the segments but that doesn’ t mean Adblock plus is not a great adblocker. Well, these 2 are most readily useful in the industry. You can use both of them one by one and figure out the most effective one for you.

Alternative Adblocker for Android:


Well, it absolutely was a debatable comparison between ublock Origin vs Adblock Plus . uBlock Origin dominated the majority of the segments. You can either use one of them; you won’ t notice much difference in your browsing experience.

If you are using one of these ad blockers , to become alarmed to switch, as the primary aim of these Ad blockers is just to dam the annoying ads as much as they can. If you want an ad blocker with simple layout more settings and features than uBlock Origin is worth considering.

Adblock Plus is not a bad option though; it depends on you which are the things want in an ad blocker. I am using uBlock Origin from few months, and it’ s my favorite as of now.

Share the article with your relatives and buddies if you found it useful. Still confused? Leave your precious feedback below I will respond within minutes.


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