Toubleshooting Can't Access and Enter Bios Windows 10

Basic Input/Output system, or commonly known as the BIOS, is a software that is located in a small chip in the motherboard. Its main function is for the boot up sequence of the drives that are installed in the computer. Usually you can enter the BIOS pressing the “DEL” or Delete key on the startup screen. Most PC owners have been to this page. But sometimes there are instances, that you can’t access BIOS in Windows 10 from the main screen. That is why, we will try to resolve this enter Bios windows 10 error. Before we attempt to address this problem though, there other different aspects we have to mention, so that we can gain more insights regarding BIOS. These insights are very important, when trying to fix the problem whenever you are unable to enter BIOS, and will also assist you in your troubleshooting steps.

What Exactly Does BIOS Refer to?

enter bios screenWhat is the reason we have to try and fix the error of “Can’t Enter BIOS”? Most of the time, many Windows users keep on using the systems without having to enter any BIOS parts. BIOS is just a ROM chip that is found in all computer motherboards and lets you enter the system at its most primary mode.

Another role of the BIOS is that it checks if the PC device’s hardware are all working. It scans every drive, and if it finds an error in the boot sequence it will alert the user of the PC. So it is important, because it indicates if the PC is ready to use. The picture that follows is an illustration of a BIOS appearance. This a picture of the an earlier version which is BIOS launched under AMI. Phoenix is another established name in the production of BIOS.

Before we jump into the problem of BIOS entrance when using Windows 10, let’s examine all the vital procedures that are carried out by BIOS.

  • As we mentioned earlier, it checks the hardware of your PC, and confirms that there are no existing errors before loading the OS (which is Windows 10 here). Search online for more info on the function of POST.
  • Bootstrap loader: This is the most essential component of BIOS as when it’s not there, the Operating System can not be pinpointed. The regulation of BIOS is transferred to this unit (bootstrap loader).
  • BIOS drivers: These are low-key drivers whose role, is to offer the system primary operational regulation of the hardware items of your PC.
  • CMOS setup: Hardware regulation settings are activated by the Configuration system, which features options like setting date and time.

How to Fix the Enter BIOS Windows 10 Issue

All Windows 10 users should be aware that their system, offers them many choices that enable the configuration of OS in itself. However, there are numerous settings on each PC that can be adjusted in the BIOS unit. Additionally, it also regulates the Function buttons in your keyboard, to activate a function key or media configuration. The issue here is, the user can’t enter this from the Windows OS as it is found within a pre-boot mode. The users of an earlier version of Windows, can use the keys F1 and/or F2 as the booting procedure takes some time to finish. The newest Windows variants are available with a more improved processing speed, and for this reason, using a key during the booting process doesn’t seem to help. This is why you won’t be able to open BIOS in Windows 10. Here are the steps to access BIOS in Windows 10:

Step1 Go to Settings

Begin with browsing the settings. Pressing the Start windows icon will help you reach this area, then click the Update and Security tab.

update and security

Step2 Restart the PC

From the left menu select the “Recovery” option. Under the Advanced Startup menu, click on “Restart”. This will reset your system to a relevant menu.

recovery restart

Step3 Troubleshoot

On the next window, press on the Troubleshoot tab to proceed.

click troubleshoot tab

Step4 Advanced Option

Head to the Advanced Options tab and choose UEFI firmware setting.

Step5 Restart Again

Lastly, click on the Restart option to change UEFI firmware setting. Generally, after the restarting process, the Windows 10 enter BIOS issue will be fixed.

restart the PC


Most of the time, the cause of the problem is because of the fast booting procedure of the device. By using the methods highlighted above, you can fix the issue where you can’t access BIOS. It is necessary to comprehend here that the latest Windows 10 version is on the same level with its former versions and thus entering the BIOS screen would be difficult but not impossible. BIOS is necessary to validate that your system runs smoothly and properly. As clearly evident at this point, BIOS is indeed an important part of any p.c or system and thus, it is great to be aware of its basic actions. This additionally enables better adaptability and performance levels. We have seen many times IT experts and professionals utilizing BIOS to gain the highest functionality possible for their systems or programs.

As mentioned above, many users keep on operating their OS even in the case of failure to enter BIOS or simply their choice not to open BIOS in Windows 10. Still this isn’t an issue to bother with much as this report provides you with more info that you may actually require to enter BIOS successfully. Tell us which method you prefer in the comments area.

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