Top 8 Ways to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac

youtube to mp3 macThe watching of YouTube videos is a key activity in the life of everybody nowadays since this sort of technology has become a necessary element in our digital communication, where users nowadays spend increasingly more length of their time on their computer or other device just to watch such videos for various reasons, including the great way of entertainment as well as the opportunity to learn online via this e-learning educational way. Therefore nowadays there is an increasing demand on the side of the people to have a tool that is able to help them convert their YouTube videos, because MP3 extraction can result in an audio file that is very comfortable to hear and it is also demonstrated to be efficient when someone tries to i.e. study or have fun only based on the audio and without having a visual part to sit down and watch it with more focus.

One of the best YouTube Converter – Video Keeper


One of the most beloved YouTube to MP3 converter on the market is the AceThinker Video Keeper solutions that is a very efficient means to safely grab any sort of online video and audio formats such as the MP3 audio format or MP4 video format, and afterwards offline convert it securely within the form is this stand-alone software tool, as well as afterwards also give a helping hand to any upcoming issues with its efficient help to organize all your newly created content when you are done with building the collection. This tool has a great user-friendly inside and straightforward setting that will surely help you go through the video making process in an easy very while you are getting out the maximum experience from the process.

If this aroused your interest, you can look below for more detail.

Step1 Downloading the tool

First of all you need to proceed with downloading and afterward installing the tool on your device. Once done and you activated the program, you have to look for the desired video that you wish to process afterward.

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Step2 Detecting the video

Inside the opened interface of the tool, using the previously collected URL of the video to detect it is fairly easy, where all you need to do is copy the link of this video and once you are inside the interface, just press the “Paste URL” button to have it directly included in the program. Then you follow the downloading process on the Downloading submenu, and after your video is grabbed, you can do the follow-on modifications in the Completed submenu.


Step3 Following the progress of video downloading

In the Downloading submenu it is easy to follow as well as give commands regarding the downloading of the video that is being processed by the tool. In case you want to pause the downloading for some reason, or afterward resume it, you can give all these commands here.

Step4 Viewing video after completion

After downloading, the ready videos are reachable when you navigate to the Completed submenu where you are able to pick the desired video clip and after right clicking with the mouse then you can press Add to and then Convert to have the program load the video for commencing with converting it. On the Convert tab, you can import your desired video for conversion.


Step5 Converting the video

Most of the videos especially from YouTube are in the general FLV format, therefore, you need to extract the audio as MP3 format first, in case you wish to listen to it on any of your devices including mobile. Therefore, in this tab you can configure the conversion options and after pressing the Convert on the loaded video, the program will convert it to be directly ready for your usage afterwards.

optional conversion



As an alternatively available option that worth having a try at, Video2MP3 is also a unique tool that is designed to be an integrated addon of the major internet browsing programs, such as the Chrome or Firefox, where the addon can be directly installed into this program and afterwards upgrade it to be able to capture and eventually do the downloading of any sort of YouTube video that is chosen by you from the website of YouTube. This tool in this form is very easy to be installed and the benefit is that there are minimal complications as it effectively utilizes the browser itself.

The Video2MP3 browser extension is just as simple to use as it is to install when you want to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format. After you install it in your browser, every YouTube video you open will load with a small “Download” button. If you navigate to a video clip you want to grab and convert, all you have to do is click it and the process will start. When we tried this method, we were quite pleased with the high speeds for download and conversion.

Online Convert

online convert app

Online Video Converter is another site that is enjoyed by many people as it works in a very similar fashion as the website of the famous KeepVid software, with some modifications from the side of its developers who have allowed the conversion of online videos into various different file formats when you successfully provided the URL of the video that you eventually want to modify to your taste. Therefore although on one side the interface is a bit oldschool and might seem too classic, the performance of the tool is very good and you can surely have an eye on it.

For trying out the site, the guideline is presented below.

Step1 Selecting the right video format

First and foremost you have to go to the official page and navigate to the option to pick the preferred format for the future created video that we wish to have it in MP3 in this case. Once you are okay with the configuration, you are able to press the Go button to proceed.

Step2 Setting details for downloading

On the downloading page of the tool, you can do the insertion of the video that you desire to use directly into the search bar where afterwards the conversion details can be picked and altered in details in case you want to do advanced modification before hitting the Convert tab for the next step.

Media Converter

ice cream media converter

IceCream Media Converter is a beloved solution that has a friendly name that is also applicable to its interface that was specifically created from one side to give the users a great and friendly experience even in case somebody is relatively new to this sort of conversion process that he or she wants to do for the preparation and modification of YouTube videos. With being as simple as possible, the user just needs to have the URL of his or her beloved video, and then it can be directly inserted and processed by the tool that will give a lot of time saving and effort saving to the person who uses this solution.

Have a better look at the program, and see the guides here.

Step1 Setting up the application

In the beginning you simply need to visit the official website of the IceCream application that can be straightforwardly downloaded and afterwards installed. Then just go to the program and select directly to add the link of your handpicked video in the popped up window for commencing the download. Therefore, just press the Add URL.

Step2 Setting options for download

At this point on the Add URL window you can paste the URL of your choice and then configure the options for the conversion process based on your desired in regard of the eventual video output. After configuration is ready, just press the Convert button so your file is going to be prepared for your usage.

Listen To YouTube


Another mentionable program that has its name already suggest about the specificity and efficient usage potential that this tool has is Listen to YouTube that works as a website that can be visited free of charge in case somebody wish to convert a YouTube video for various reasons into the most popular audio file format, that is the MP4 format. For this the users who wish to visit the tool to enjoy its benefits are all presented a very friendly online webpage interface where they can follow simple steps for grabbing the desired video directly from the YouTube website and afterwards extracting the audio easily from the content.

For some guidance of its usage, refer below for more.

Step1 Copy video link from website

In the beginning of the whole process you can get the link of your video and then enter it on the official website of this tool into the search bar that is showing up on the main website. Then just hit the Go button.

Step2 Proceed with video downloading

After the website commences with analyzing the YouTube hosting website for grabbing the video, sometime after the analysis is ready, you are redirected to a downloading page where you are given a newly generated link for downloading.


Zamzar is a famous tool that serves a great service when it comes to the extraction of the needed audio from a video that previously needs to be downloaded from YouTube and afterwards converted into the right audio format, leaving behind the visual elements. This tool is therefore able to be regarded as a potential alternative to other famous online service based solutions such as Keepvid, from one point because it is free, and from the other point because of its efficacy and easy utilization. Although it is important to mention that Zamzar uses a unique way how it gives you your newly created audio file, as you cannot directly download it but rather need to send it to your email from the tool.

A step by step guide is available below for those who wish to hear more.

Step1 Visiting the link insertion subpage

In order to start the first step, you need to visit the webpage of the Zamzar tool where you are only presented to upload your video on the main page, so you shall go to the subpage where you can rather share your video for processing via entering its link onto the page.

Step2 Add details for video downloading

On the subpage of the downloader, you are able to enter the link of the video of your choice into the provided search bar in BOX 1, and afterwards configure the options via picking the best format that is MP3 at this time, followed by giving an email address in an inconvenient data sharing manner, where you can eventually receive the download link of your video. Then just click the Convert to do the process.

Save Media

Save Media is a tool that was previously named as FetchMP3, however it had further development and its developers in the end decided to change the name of the application, that is nowadays a great software for handling URLs coming from YouTube videos and processing the video from directly the YouTube website based on the available information that is automatically analyzed and detected by the tool from visiting the given link that is input into the tool. This conversion website is very versatile and you are able to generally fetch and convert the YouTube video into multiple presented quality options as well as a wide range of video and audio options were you can also pick the MP3 output format.

You can refer below in case you wish to get acquainted more to the tool.

Step1 Copy and insert the video URL

First and foremost you shall arrive to the official page on the internet where you can see a green search bar that is the place where you can directly put it the URL of the video that you eventually wish to grab from YouTube, that can afterwards be directly downloaded.

Step2 Pick preferred video

After understanding and analyzing the provided link, you are given a list of alternative downloading options where you can select that you only download the MP3 file from the list, so just choose that version and download it.


save tube

Last but not least, SaveTube is a website that is similarly giving the potential to save your online video from YouTube in multiple formats after configuring and personalizing the way how it is downloaded in terms of picking the right final format after deciding to include either both audio and visual elements or only the audio version. Downloading with its  tool is easy although high quality video downloading is a bit difficult on this site as you need additional video players for further watching it afterwards, which support such high quality formats. Furthermore, this tool requires that there is an additional addon installed on your browser that will afterwards appear when you visit every YouTube video regardless of whether you want to download it or not.

For utilizing this great application just have the below reference read.

Step1 Entering YouTube link to search bar

Before later steps can be reached in the downloading process, first you have to go to the official page of the tool where the direct insertion of the link to grab your favorite video can be straightforwardly input into the search bar.

Step2 Pick the best conversion option

When the tool finishes analyzing the video, just see the popup window where you can pick the best downloadable option, that is MP3 for us now, and eventually just press the blue Convert for preparing the audio and save it on the computer.


As you experience it on yourself too, nowadays the downloading of the audio content version of YouTube videos are having a growing demand, and to satisfy this need, more and more tools are available to offer direct service for downloading and conversion. However, these tools greatly differ, and you shall be aware of which is the best for your usage. In either way, you can try out the aforementioned AceThinker solutions as they are universally applicable and will surely provide you a service that you will enjoy.

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