Top 8 Ways to Capture and Record Live Streaming Video

We are bombarded with live videos from YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Hulu, Netflix, etc. every day, right? Have you ever thought of capture those live streaming videos for viewing later at a leisure time? It has been an easy task with the help of Screen Grabber Pro, a professional live streaming recorder and other screen recording programs. Start your free trial now!

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Live stream video is the video and audio content broadcast in real-time on the Internet. With the development of streaming technology, live streams have become quite common. You can enjoy live TV shows, educational tutorials, special events, game matches, episodes, broadcasts and more online at the leisure. However, sometimes, you may miss some live events due to your busy schedule. Or you want to save the video to local disk either for preservation, sharing, or watching later any time you like without the Internet connection. Unfortunately, almost all the live streaming videos are not available to download or purchase, making it challenging to capture streaming videos. The good news is that you can still make use of recording programs to record live streaming video to save it to your hard drive. Scroll down to find out the best apps and tools to record live streams using your desktop or mobile devices.

There are numerous live stream recorders that can help you achieve the live video recording task. However, some of them make it a little tricky to operate. Here AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is considered as the best live stream recorder that allows you to capture and save live streams from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon on Demand and more easily. Simply download and install the program on your computer (both Windows and Mac version are available), then follow the steps below to record live stream with no hassles.

Step1 Configure the recording settings

To start recording, run Screen Grabber Pro and choose the recording mode, audio input, output format, etc. As you see, different recording modes are provided. Here Region is recommended as the way to capture video streams since you can drag & drop to record the exact area you need. If your Internet is quite stable, you can turn the media player into full screen mode and choose Full Screen recording to record online videos.

Set up Screen Grabber Pro

Step2 Record live video stream

Now, play the live streaming video you want to record and click the “Start” button on the top menu to initialize the recording. This live stream recorder will start recording the screen in the specified area immediately. Once finished, click the red “Stop” button to save your recording.

Start Recording

As you may notice, some editing features are provided during the recording process. You can click the pen icon on the right-end to expand a list of editing functions. You can add rectangles, circles, lines, arrows, texts, highlights and many more to make the recording more vivid.

Step3 Check your Recording

Once saved, the video will be loaded to the task list on the main interface. From here, you’re free to play, upload, locate the file, and more.

Check Record

How to use the Task Scheduler Function

One of the best features of Screen Grabber Pro is that it gives users the ability to schedule their recording. This is necessary if in case, users would not want to miss any live stream available. By doing this, users can leave the recording to the app itself. Here are the steps on how to set up this feature.

Step1 Set up the Feature

From the interface, click “Task Scheduler” to open a new window. From here, set up the “Start Time” to indicate what time the recording will start, “Duration” to set up how long the record will be, and “Screen Area” to choose full screen or select a specific screen space of your scheduled recording.

Set up Task Scheduler

Step2 Start the Scheduler

Once set-up, click “Create” then the “OK” button to confirm. Now, using your browser, search for any live stream you want to record. After that, let the app record the screen for you.

Start recording

To record live video stream for free, the top choice can be CamStudio – a screen recording tool from TechSmith. It’s designed with the ability to record anything that is shown on your screen so that you can record any streaming video, TV Series, episodes. Just keep the live streaming video playing and you will get exactly the content you want. Regional and full-screen recording modes are provided for convenient screencast making. You can also adjust the frame rate, resolution, sound volume and others to achieve the best results. In addition, it records camera as well, meaning that you can easily add your demonstration to the video for explaining things being recorded. But for this free tool, the interface is a little obsolete and real-time editing functions are not available.

Here is a quick guide for you on using CamStudio to capture videos from the web:

Step1 Install CamStudio

Download CamStudio and install it on your computer. Download, install and launch the CamStudio program. Running the program will get you to the main interface.

run camstudio recorder

Step2 Start recording

In order to record videos with CamStudio just select which part of the screen you wish to record. You may do this by clicking on “Region” and dragging your mouse to define a recording area. You may begin recording by clicking on the “Record” option whenever you are ready.

record with camstudio

After the desired content has been recorded, all you need to do is to click on “Stop” to finish capturing. Your file will be available the your computer’s hard drive.

Another alternative to capture live streaming video is to use a free screen recorder that allows you to record what display on your computer. It doesn’t require any installation of Java Applet only that you will need to install a launcher if you’re using it for the first time. What you need to do is to click the Start Recording button, choose the recording mode and start recording the live videos. You can not only record video and audio simultaneously with this free tool, but also add webcam in your recording in case you’re creating videos for instruction. In addition, some editing features, including annotating the videos with line, callouts, texts, highlights, etc., are provided to meet your editing needs during the recording process.

If you are interested in using Online Live Stream Recorder just follow the steps below:

Step1 Open the website where the desired content is at

The first thing you need to do is to open your browser and navigate to the website that contains your video. You will be able to define later the part of the screen you wish to capture.

Step2 Open the AceThinker website

Whenever you are ready to start capturing, go to “Acethinker Free Screen Recorder Online”. You may find the official website here: ( Use your favorite browser to launch the program (Online Live Stream Recorder is compatible with most popular browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari, etc…)

free screen recorder online

Step3 Set your preferences

With Online Live Stream Recorder you may easily start recording by pushing the “Start” button. This will get you to the “Recording Toolbar”. The first thing you need to do is to select the source of the audio input. You may also define other recording options here. For example if you wish to record from WebEx it is recommended to select Region for there are options to record system audio, microphone audio or both. If you choose to record from WebEx and add audio Online Live Stream Recorder is available for you for free.


Step4 Begin recording

Once your preferences are all set, the next step is to define a recording frame for your video. Once your stream starts you may start recording by clicking on “Rec”.

Step5 Edit and complete your video

During the recording process you may add real-time modifications to the video to highlight information and more with Online Live Stream Recorder toolbar. Feel free to add changes to your video as you like and when the stream has finished just hit the “Recording” button once again. This will stop the recording process and your video will be saved automatically, at your computer’s local directory.


Camtasia has some premium features for you when it comes to screen recording. It is considered by many, to be the No. 1 choice in its category, in the market. Just define which part of the screen you wish to capture and edit the finished video with Camtasia’s cool editing features. Having saved the screencast, you may share it or save it in the online cloud easily. These, among many other useful tools become available once you have purchased Camtasia. The price might look premium at first glance but for those interested in video recording or do it on a daily basis a good product can be a long-time investment. And you can always decide after trying the full program at a free trial period.

Below you may find a useful guide for using Camtasia:

Step1 Go to Camtasia Official

Having finished the recording, go to Camtasia Official to get your access. You may download Camtasia from there and start recording at once.


Step2 Record videos with Catamsia

Having opened the Catamsia interface you will have a chance to adjust the settings of the program. Some basic options such as camera usage and selecting audio input will be available from this menu. To access it, look for the colourful icons in the toolbar. When you are ready with the settings, you may start recording by choosing “Rec”. Once you are finished recording, end it with a mouse-click and get the content saved on your local directory.

When it comes to screen recording, another good tool is BB Flashback Express. The program itself is free of charge and still, it offers most of the basic features one might need. Whether you want to record the whole screen or just a part of it BB FlashBack Express is a good tool to get the business done. Add audio from your computer or record sound simultaneously with your video capturing process, using your microphone. You may crop or trim your video using the paid version of the software and once you are ready with your video you may upload it to YouTube, Viddler, Revver, etc… But note that BB FlashBack Express is only compatible with Windows and with it is only possible to record in Flash and AVI.

You may refer to the steps below to get started using BB FlashBack Express:

Step1 Adjust your settings

Once you have downloaded and installed BB FlashBack Express from its official website, the first thing to do is to decide whether you would like to record the whole screen or just a certain part of it. You may also add some audio settings before starting your screen capture. Regarding video settings you may set whether you wish to use your webcam.

BB FlashBack Express settings

Step2 Start recording

Having adjusted the settings, you may start recording. To do this just select which part of the screen you want to record. Once the area of your interest has been selected, you can start recording. After clicking a countdown will appear to show how much time you have before the recording starts.

screen recorder

Step3 Finish Recording

Once the recording starts you will be in charge of when it ends. Make sure you have recorded everything important. You can end capturing anytime with the buttons in the popup window. Double-clicking on the BB FlashBack Express button which can be found in the “system tray” will also bring up options to pause or stop the recording.

screen recorder

Step4 Save the Captured Video

After finishing the recording process you will be offered several options. Upload the finished video to one of the popular video sites like YouTube or feel free to save it in alternate formats like WMV.

On Android devices, you will need to enable to screen recorder before it can be used. This can be done from the “Developer Options” in the Settings menu. The “Developer option” is hidden on most Android devices, read how to unlock it below;

Step1 Enable developer options

Open “Settings” select “About Phone” next touch the “Build Number” 7 times in quick succession. You can find the “Build Number” at the bottom of the menu. Next, enter your lock screen password after the prompt, to unlock, you may need to use a gesture or PIN if this you have previously chosen these lock option. If your unlock method is successful you will see this message – “You are now a developer” go back to “System” under settings, select “Advanced” to view more options, now you should see “Developer options” on the list.

enable screen recording

Step2 Activate the screen recorder

From “Developer options” on the menu, select “Feature Flags” from the Debugging section. Next, select the “settings_screenrecord_long_press” icon and slide the button to activate the Screen Recorder.

Step3 Activate the screen recorder

After activating your “Screen Recorder” you can access the “Start Recording” button with a long-press on the power button, the “Start Recording” tab will appear on a pop-up menu with a message that says all the content on your screen will be captured. Touch “Start Recording” to continue. Taking a screenshot while recording will cause gaps in the video.

Step4 Stop the recording

After recording your screen, touch the “Stop” button, the recorded clip is automatically saved in a folder named “Capture” in the gallery. You also have options to share or delete the file.

You can control Screen Recording with the controls on the menu; you will see buttons for “Stop,” “Pause,” and “Cancel.” Access these functions by pulling down the tray menu with a downward swipe, from the top of your screen.

For iOS users, ApowerREC is one of the best screen recording app that you can find. This app is applicable for iOS 10 and higher. ApowerREC allows users to record their screen activity full screen without leaving any watermarks. It has a user-friendly interface that enables users to record their screen without any hassle. Another is, the screen record that users can do has no time limits, so this is beneficial, especially if users are trying to record a live stream. Below are the steps on how to use this app.

Step1 Install the App

Open your iPhone app store then search “ApowerREC”. Click install to save the app into your iPhone. Wait for few minutes until it is finished.

Install App

Step2 Set up the App

Go to your phone settings, scroll down, and then tap the “Control center”. From here select “Customize Controls” to go to the customize page. Scroll down and find “Screen Recording” from the list. After that, click the “+” button to activate the app.

Set up App

Step3 Record your Screen

Browse any video you want to record. Once selected, scroll up from the bottom screen of the iPhone then tap the “Record” button. After that countdown, the record will begin automatically.

Start Recording

The following steps will guide you on how to start screen recording on iOS devices;

Step1 Set up the App

1.Open the Control Center from the Settings, select ‘Customize Controls’ and tap the ‘+’ icon by ‘Screen Recording’ icon. For the latest iPhone models (iPhone X and above) swipe up from the bottom of your screen, on older iPhone models with the home button, you will need to swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen.

setup ios screen recording

Step2 Enable Audio

Press and hold the “Record” button then tap the Microphone icon.

Step3 Start Recording

To begin capturing tap “Start Recording” there will be a three-second countdown before recording starts.

start recording

Step4 Check the video

To stop recording open your Control Centre and tap the record icon . Alternatively, the red status bar at the top of your screen and touch Stop. To view the recorded video clip, open the “Photos App” and select the file you have just recorded.

As there are many workable live stream video recorders, saving streaming videos from most popular video sharing sites will no more be a problem. You can just choose one you like for your video streaming online. When you are recording streaming media, just be aware that some streamed content is copyrighted, which means that the recording may violate the copyright laws. So it’s recommended that you only record non-copyright material.

It’s up to you which way is the best to capture live streams from online. I’m writing to help you narrow down the options. If any better solution is not listed here, please let me know by dropping a message in the comment area.