Top 5 Screen Recorder to Record Screen with Audio for Windows/Mac

When recording a video, sometimes it’s necessary to record the audio at the same time. With Screen Grabber Pro, a powerful and professional screen recorder that lets you record screen with audio simultaneously, you can get the recording task done easily. Simply click the button below to get a free trial version now!

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If you want to record screen with audio then there are many screen recording programs available on the market. To get a great output video, it is better to go with the best screen recorder with audio software that comes with a lot of features including; supporting many video formats, recording HD videos, supporting high quality audio recording along with video, offering some video editing functions etc. Here is a review of the best 5 screen and sound recorders that allow you to record video and audio simultaneously to create how-to guides, product demonstrations or to record gameplay videos with high quality.

Screen Grabber Pro

First among the best screen recording tools with audio is Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro. This is a straightforward tool that allows the user to capture their screen activities, together with system sound. This is a feature that is not present on other simple screen recorders, and if they do have it, the sound quality is not good. Aside from being able to capture screen activities with audio, the tool is also a great screenshot tool. This goes to show that Screen Grabber Pro is a dependable tool for any recording needs. To learn how to use the said tool, follow these steps.

Step1 Download and install Screen Grabber Pro

First, you must download the installer of Screen Grabber Pro by clicking one of the buttons below. After download, run the installer on your PC and follow the instructions that will appear on your screen.

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Step2 Open Screen Grabber Pro

After the installation, launch the tool and the main interface will initialize. From there, to make sure that the system sound will be recorded, change the “Audio Input” into “System Sound.”

sgp step 2

Step3 Begin recording

After changing the audio source, then you can start recording by clicking the “Record” button. However, you must first choose which recording mode to use. By clicking the drop-down arrow, the different recording modes will appear, “Region” mode is best when you want to cover a specific part of the screen which you want to include to the recording. On the other hand, “Full Screen” mode covers the entire screen area.

sgp step 3

Step4 Annotate while recording

During the recording process, you can add annotations to the video by clicking the “Pen” icon. By doing so, a panel will appear with different options that you can add to the recording.

annotate while recording

Step5 Save the recorded video

To save the video, click the “Stop” button from the floating toolbar. The video will be saved on your PC and will be available for preview from the tool.

stop the recording

Step6 Watch the recorded video

To watch the video, head to the “Preview Panel” of the tool. From there, look for the most recent recorded video and click the “Play” button. However, to locate the actual file, click the “Open folder” button and the file location will appear.

sgp step 6


Ezvid is another tool, that is able to capture screen activities along with audio. This straightforward tool is able to capture high-quality videos, but is limited under the free trial version. The tool gives out a maximum of one hundred minutes recording and keeps you on-track with the remaining time. If you want unlimited recording, then you can purchase the licensed version of the tool, which comes at price. However, the tool can’t record system sound and is only limited to screen recording itself. The only way to record with audio is by using an external microphone. To be fair though, one hundred minutes of uninterrupted recording is long enough. If that is fine with you, then follow these steps in order to know how to use the tool.

Step1 Install Ezvid

To install Ezvid, download its installer from its official website or by clicking the link here.

download the tool

Step2 Start up the tool

Once successfully installed, run the tool and the home screen will appear. Then, click the “Screen Recording” button to open another window. From the new window that will appear, select “Use advanced settings” option.

use advanced settings

Step3 Start recording with microphone audio

Make sure that you have an external microphone plugged-in and select “Microphone Capture” from the options that will appear to start recording.

record with microphone

Step5 Make notes while recording

Aside from audio, you can also add notes to the recording using the “Draw” button which is located on the floating toolbar. Once done with the recording, then you can click the “Stop” button from the same toolbar and the video will appear on the preview panel.

draw while recording

Step6 Save the video

You can watch the video directly from the panel, where you can trim out unneeded parts. Once satisfied with the recording, click the “Save video” button.

save the file


screen and sound recorder

When you are looking for the best video game screen and sound recorder, then you don’t need to look further than Bandicam as it is one of the best and most popular video game recording software. It can record videos up to 120 fps (frames per second), which is very high when compared to the frame rates of other game recording software. It is also equipped with a lot of tools and settings to provide a great game recording experience. You can also set your custom frame rates and customize settings to fine tune your recordings. With Bandicam you can also assign hotkeys while recording high-quality video.

Look at these steps to know more about Bandicam.

Step1 Download, install Bandicam

You can download Bandicam for free on the official site. After downloading, click on the file to set up Bandicam for your needs before screen recording.

Step2 Select the sound

Go to the “Primary Sound Device” page. Take a look for the chosen sound options like “Win8/Win7/Vista Sound (WASAPI)” with the microphone’s options. That side will be recorded by the program.

bandicam configure the audio source

Step3 Look at the video settings menu

After you had set audio options, you can choose the video recording options to get a high quality recording for your content. Push “Video” tab which you can find in the main Bandicam window. Push “Settings” button to add your settings to do the best format.

video settings

Step4 Set up the Capture Region and Start Recording

You can set up the recording window around the recording area. Click and drag the edges to change the recording window size to have the best adjustment around your recording area. So you will record only a part of the screen which you want. After you have changed window settings, push “REC” button on the top of the right side, then click on “REC” button in Bandicam program’s main menu. Your recording will start directly.

customize region and start recording


screen and voice recorder

The next popular screen recorder with voice software is CamStudio. This is equipped with a lot of features which are not present in many commercial screen recording software tools. Camstudio comes with a clean and easy to use interface that allows you to record anything on your computer screen with just a single click. You can record videos and sound easily. To record with sound, all you need to is click the “Start recording” button, but remember to choose the required bit rate, frame rate, resolution etc. before starting the recording process. You can either capture the entire screen or capture a particular region on your computer screen.

Look at these steps to know more about Camstudio.

Step1 Set up Camstudio program

Download and install CamStudio program. You will see the interface appear on the screen.

install camstudio

Step2 Perform recording

Push “Region” button, then choose the screen’s area that you want to record. After your content or video that you wish to record has begun, push the “Record” button.

record with camstudio

Last thing to do is to click on “Stop” button. Your recording will finish automatically. You can capture anything with audio and it will be saved to your hard drive.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Last tool on the list is Icecream Screen Recorder. Despite being on the last place, it does not fall short on functions. The tool can record both screen and audio simultaneously in high-quality. The tool also allows real-time video editing which is a premium feature among screen recorders. However, there is a limitation for the free trial version of the tool. Only allowing a maximum of three minutes per recording, it is not advisable for heavy duty use. If this is fine with you, you can learn how to access and use the tool below.

Step1 Download Icecream Screen Recorder

Download the installer of Icecream Screen Recorder from the link provided above. Then run the installer on your PC and follow the on-screen instructions.

download and install

Step2 Select Capture Video

On the launch screen, click the “Capture video” button to launch the screen recorder function of the tool.

capture video

Step3 Adjust the cross-hair cursor

Select the parts of the screen where you want to record with audio, by dragging the cursor across it.

adjust screen size

Step4 Start recording with Icecream Screen Recorder

To start, click the “Record” button from the toolbar. While recording is in progress, you can edit the video to enhance it by clicking the “Draw” button.

draw toolbar

Step4 End the recording process

To finish the recording process, click the “Stop” button and save the video automatically.

save the file

Step5 Preview the video

In order to watch the video, switch to the “Preview Panel” of the tool and search for the video, then click the “Play” button.

watch the video


Now you’ve known 5 of the best screen and audio recorders that you can utilize when you want to create instructional, educational or entertainment videos along with sound. The key features of each option has been reviewed so that you can choose the best one according to your specific requirements. Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro is recommended if you cannot decide which one o select as it covers almost all the functions you probably need and the whole operation is simple. Start to make an excellent video with audio together with ease right now! And if you have any question, just feel free to leave a comment below. We will replay as soon as possible. Thank you!


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