Top 5 Open Source Screen Recorder for Windows, Mac and Linux

When you want to record your computer screen, you might investigation for free open source screen recorders since they are completely free and usually work well. We have reviewed 5 of the best open source display recording programs to help you narrow down your options. By the way, should you be unsatisfied with the free ones, you can use the much better Screen Grabber Pro.

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open source screen recorder People wanting to catch their computer screen look to download the best free display recorder software from the internet. Actually though there exists a lot of commercial screen recording software available in the market, people will usually go for the open source software. This is because people do not want to spend money on a program they are going to use a couple of times, when a free one is available.

Establishing video presentations, product demonstrations, school project, and so forth have been made easy with the free tools. Here let us check out some of the best open source screen capture programs to provide you with an idea of why they are the more popular ones.



Camstudio is one of the very most popular free open source screen documenting software that lets you record videos in high quality. It is also one of the most traditionally used open source personal pc recorder software for Home windows that is packed with loads of features. Finally, the Camstudio software interface is pretty simple and user friendly providing options to track record your screen straight away at the push of a button.

Camstudio also provides you with configurable options like choosing the required codecs, selecting the frame speed and also select the recording quality needed. Before recording a video, it is always recommended to check on whether all these options are arranged appropriately then hit the record button to track record your computer screen.

Once you strike the record button, Camstudio starts recording your display. Addititionally there is an option to record a selected part of your screen, which needs to be designed before you hit the record button.

Pros :

  • Easy to use interface
  • Captures the complete display or perhaps portions of the display
  • Configurable options to select frame rate, video quality etc.
  • Text annotation options

Cons :

  • Limited export options

Open up Broadcaster Software

Open Broadcaster Software

Open up Broadcaster Software is another popular free desktop recorders that helps one to track record videos from your pc display. It also provides options to relay live loading from your system. This is equipped with a lot of features to capture music in current and also capture video. It then allows your edit your video to create your preferred video to be posted in social sharing websites such asFacebook, YouTube etc .

Open Broadcaster Software is available for major platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac systems. It is also loaded with a lot of filters to transform your video and take it to the next level. Filters include image masking, color keying and lots more to enhance your video to a great extent.

Pros :

  • Provides options to stream videos live from your system
  • Loaded with lots of filters
  • Comes with a powerful sound mixer

Cons :

  • Limited export options


shareX recorder

ShareX is a free and open source screen recording software that lets you to record videos from your computer screen. ShareX also allows you to share your videos, images, text files, documents and all sorts of files to around 50 websites. It provides a lot of ways to record your screen either in full screen mode or only a partial window. ShareX also comes with a lot of settings to be configured to enhance your video. This includes capturing video in transparent window mode, delayed capture to capture at a specified time, multiple region capture by selecting multiple regions on the screen. This is also available with many shapes, to be able to capture a video in circular view etc .

Pros :

  • Record videos easily
  • Provides options to share videos to 50 destinations

Cons :

  • Packed with lots of features that an average use may find it difficult to understand


Webineria recorder

Persons looking for free and open source recording software can download Webineria. This kind of is very within creating product demos also to create brilliant and eye-catching delivering presentations. It comes equipped with a built-in recorders that allows to record your voice, capture all activities on your computer display and also to catch your webcam video. Webineria also enables you to upload the videos you have documented.

Benefits :

  • Create eye-catching product demonstrations and delivering presentations
  • Allows you to add voice narration

Cons :

  • Extra package needs to be downloaded for screen-casting

VLC Press Gamer

VLC Media Player

VLC Press player is known as the Swiss Army Blade of all video players. But, do you know that you may use VLC media player as an open source desktop recorders software. Even though there are a lot of other specialized open source video recorder software available, you don’t always have a software readily available with you at all times. That is where VLC plays a large role, as you will definitely have VLC media player in your system.

Pros :

  • Record videos easily
  • Share videos easily

Cons :

  • Can’t add voice to your videos

Advanced Screen Recorder – AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

As you see, there are many free open source screen recording programs that allows you to record your computer screen without too much troubles. But still some users are complaining about the out-of-date interface, limited output format, delayed-development, etc. If you’re one of those who’re looking for a much better screen recorder, you can have a look at Screen Grabber Pro.

recording screen

Screen Grabber Pro is an intuitive and powerful screen recording program that lets you record your computer screen with sound simultaneously. You can record the whole screen or simply capture a specified area according to your needs. During the recording process, you can annotate the screen with texts, watermarks, highlights and even insert your webcam video to achieve a video-in-video effect. The screencast can be saved in various video formats, including AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, FLV, etc. or upload it to YouTube/FTP directly. Check the steps to create a screencast using Screen Grabber Pro with ease.

Step1 Download and install the recorder

First of all, download and install the program according to your operating system. After that, set up the program and launch it to continue.

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Windows XP/7/8/10

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Mac OS Times 10. 8 & above

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Step2 Configure the recording options

On the principle interface, click Audio to purchase audio tracks input source and click Recording to decide on a recording mode dependent on on your needs. Since you see, you can record full screen, merely a specific region, surrounding the computer mouse button cursor and more. For further settings like the end result format, destination folder, and so forth., you can click Options > Options to adapt the alternatives.

Step3 Start the recording

When all the settings are carried out, click on the red record button on the top-left to get started on the saving instantly. During the recording, you will be able to annotate the screen with texts, lines, highlights, etc. using the built-in editor.

SGPannotate save

Step4 Finish the save the recording

Click the stop button if you’re satisfied with the recording and want to finish it. The video will then be saved to the local hard drive you have set. Just enjoy it!

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This is the listing of the best 5 open source screen recording software. All these programs will help you record whatever you need. We’re sure they will fulfill your basic recording needs. You can just choose the suitable one based on the reviews above. However, if you need some more great and unique features, it’s recommended that you turn to the more advanced Screen Grabber Pro. By simply the way, if i have missed your selected available source screen capture program, please twenty-four hours a day share it with us by giving a comment. Any views and tips are welcome.


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