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cut mp3 filesA world without music is unimaginable. This is the case for billions of people around the world who have a different taste in music. Most people have their own favorite type of music, from songs to instrumental music that gives out a sense of individuality to others. Most people incorporate music when doing some of their daily activities using MP3 players. Even when receiving a text or a call on their mobile phones, music is most of the time present with their favorite songs as the ring tone or message alert tone. There must be many occasions when you want to cut MP3 files either to remove unwanted parts or to create personalized ringtones. Luckily, there are many MP3 cutters that let you trim MP3 music files on both PC and mobile devices. Read on to know the detailed solution to edit and cut MP3 music audio files on different platforms.

Cut MP3 Files with Acethinker Music Recorder (Win & Mac)

When it comes to recording and downloading music, there is no better tool than Acethinker Music Recorder. This multifunctional tool can cut MP3 files to different parts to suit the user’s preference. Aside from being a recorder, it is also a downloader and a music player in one. As an added feature, it has the capabilities to edit MP3 file, making it great for creating ringtones and message alert tones. Below are the steps to trim MP3 file using Acethinker Music Recorder.

Step1 Download the installer

To download the installer of Music Recorder, click the download buttons below and install it by following the onscreen instructions. After the installation, launch the tool by double clicking shortcut icon to reach the home interface.

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Mac OS X 10.8 & above

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Step2 Navigate the home screen

On the home screen, you will see the different functions of the tool. The “Record” button is for recording music and sounds on the PC, while the “Library” button is where you can find all the files stored. The “Search” button allows you to find your favorite music from the Internet, and the “Download” button allows you to save them. There is also the “Radio” button to listen to radio stations.

select the options

Step3 Launch the Audio Editor

From the home screen, hover the mouse to the top left-hand part of the window, and click the “Menu” icon to show the other functions of the tool. Select the “Audio Editor” option.

audio editor

Step4 Load the MP3 file

On the new window that will appear, click the “File” tab and click the “Load file” option and select which MP3 file to edit.

load mp3 file

Step5 Edit the MP3 file

To cut the file, simply drag the mouse pointer to the part that you want to cut to highlight it, and click the “Edit” tab and select “Cut.”

cut the file

Step6 Save the edited MP3 file

Once finished with the editing, play the file by clicking the “Play” button. Once satisfied, click the “File” tab and select the “Save as” option to save the edited file.

play and save the file

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Record the Audio You Need Instead of Cutting It

Sometimes it’s hard to download a song online because of security issues. There have been cases where someone downloaded an MP3 file directly online from an unknown website, and what they got instead was a computer virus. That is why there are audio recording tools that are available online. These tools are web based, or they don’t need to be installed in the PC device and won’t consume disk space. One of these tools is Acethinker Free Online Audio Recorder who can record almost any sound from your system. This is a fast way to get your favorite songs as an MP3 file without downloading, if ever you want to use it as your ring tone or message alert tone. Below are the steps on how to use Acethinker Online Audio Recorder.

Step1 Run the tool online

Open a web browser, and go to the official website of Online Audio Recorder, or click the “Record” button below.


Step2 Start recording the Audio Stream

On the interface of the tool, you will see the different option, the “Volume,” “Record” and the “Recording List” buttons. To start the recording, open a new to tab on the web browser, and go to your preferred music streaming site and play your choice of song and click the “Record” button in the tool.

tool interface

Step3 Save the MP3 file

To end the recording, click the “Stop” button and the file will be saved in a folder as an MP3 file.

stop the recording

Step4 Loocate the recorded MP3 file

To see the recorded file, click the “Recording List” button at the lower right part of the window.

Step5 play the recorded MP3 file

Select the recently recorded file and click the “Play” button to listen to it. The “Folder” icon, opens the file location where the recording is saved.

locate and play the file

Android Online MP3 Cutter

If you don’t have a PC at home that you can use to cut and edit MP3 files, you can instead cut MP3 file from your Android device instead. With the help of mobile audio editing application like the MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker, you can directly edit and create your own ringtone and message alert tone. This tool is available for Android device and is pretty easy to use. With just a few steps, you will be able to cut and merge songs online using this tool. Here are the steps on how to use MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker.

Step1 Install the application

On your Android device, go to the Google Play Store, and search for “MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker“.

install the app

Step2 Install the application

On the homepage of the tool, click the “Install” button to download and install the application on your Android device.

install the application

Step3 Launch the tool

Once the application is successfully installed, launch it to reach the home screen. On the application, select the MP3 file that you want to cut and load it on the application.

select file to edit

Step4 Select the area to be cut-off

After the MP3 file has been loaded, drag the cursor to the area that you want to cut from the file.

select area to cut

Step5 Save the file

After the MP3, file has been loaded, drag the cursor to the area that you want to cut from the file. After editing, save the file by clicking the “Save” button and select “Ringtone” as the type.

save as ringtone

Hokusai Audio Editor – MP3 Cutter for iOS

iOS device have their own line of tools available in the App store. Audio editing apps that work for both Android and iOS device are hard to find. Luckily, there are reliable tools on the Apple App Store that you can download anytime. One good example is Hokusai Audio Editor for iOS. This tool is available on the Apple App Store and is free to download anytime. With just a few steps, you can create your own personalized ringtone. Follow the steps below to know how to use Hokusai Audio Editor for iOS to trim MP3 files.

Step1 Install Hokusai Audio Editor

Get Hokusai Audio Editor from the App Store and install it on the iOS device.

install the tool

Step2 Start Editing the MP3 file

When the application is installed, launch it and load the MP3 file you like to cut.

load the m4a file

Step3 Select the area to cut

From the loaded MP3 file, select the part that you want to cut from the file and tap and hold the screen to show the “Cut” option.

cut the file

Step4 Save the edited file

Once everything is set and you are satisfied with your own ringtone, go ahead and save it by pressing the “Save” button.

save the file


Cutting and editing MP3 files seem to be a complicated task, especially when it’s your first time. Not many people can do it on first try, but with the help of the tools mentioned above, there won’t be any problem as they are user-friendly. Regardless if the tool you are using is a MP3 cutter free online tool, as long as you follow the steps provided, you will get the result you want.

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