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Together Tubе

He began his existence back in 2012. Then, as now, its headquarters is in Germany. It is also very popular among users. All thanks to its functionality and interface. Deal with all its features in a couple of minutes. And they are enough. Each button is designed so that you find it when you need it.
 What will be available to you when you use these services:

  1. Chats with great helpers
  2. Voting
  3. Synchronized player
  4. Search for the video you need
  5. The ability to share links with many friends.


The best alternative to It is easy to use, has a beautiful design and user-friendly interface. Everything is in perfect harmony. From the use of this service you feel only pleasure. He has a bunch of different functions.
Using it, you will receive:

  1. Simple creation of a new room. Literally one touch
  2. An easy way to share material (music, video)
  3. He will offer you active community groups.
  4. Simple link exchange
  5. Good UX and UI


This is also an old man in a roar, but that does not mean that he is bad. It can show its functionality on the world stage and for that it will not be embarrassing for the owners. Its headquarters is in Poland.
As for the functions that he gives, here is something to look at. They are interesting:

  1. He allows you to watch YouTube videos directly without having to bother you to create a virtual room.
  2. Supports various file formats.
  3. It has an extension for browsers like Chrome and Firefox


It is an interesting site. With its twist. This is one of the best streaming websites like rabbit.
Here is what he will give you for using his abilities:

  1. Easily share music and video material with friends.
  2. You can create a chat
  3. It is possible to watch streaming videos
  4. Very easy to invite friends


A creative name that speaks for itself. Nice design, user-friendly interface and a decent list of functionality. And this is all about this site. The service is also from Germany. Recall that in our top there is already a representative of this country. When we ask the question “” What is the best alternative to “Then everyone who has been at least in some way connected with this platform will recommend it to you.

And so, she will give you:

  1. You can share your profiles in your social. networks
  2. You can get a 100% interest guarantee that you do not miss shopping on Amazon
  3. You can watch video from such services as YouTube and Vimeo
  4. 4You also have the opportunity to create your own playlists to suit your tastes.


A site that gives people a lot of impressions. It has a decent design, which is not ashamed to appear on the market. Convenient website and application to access from the phone. And all this, the developers from Pennsylvania decided to do. There is also the headquarters of this site. It is one of the best sites that are alternative.

It will be able to provide you with such opportunities:

  1. Read your favorite books and watch movies with music without any problems.
  2. The service works fine on all operating systems that generally exist
  3. Everything works in real time. Chats work pretty fast.


The embodiment of genius. The site has achieved success through thoughtful work. In it there are functions that will zadurmanyat your head. The platform has a cool design, over which you can see that they were working. The interface is convenient and does not make you once again strain in the search for the button you need.
Well, here such functions become accessible:

  1. You have the ability to manage existing chat rooms
  2. You can also get your own chat.
  3. You can upload your own videos
  4. Virtual rooms for sharing material


If you want to find the best alternatives, then you just have to browse this site! He copes with his duties. With it, you can share good content with your loved ones. You can rely on it without any unnecessary experience. Here everything is done so that you would be comfortable using it. A big role is played by the interface with the design. They are thought out to the smallest detail. The platform also has a sufficient list of functions. Its headquarters is in South America. This does not affect the possibilities. It was just brought to your attention.

Using the services of this site, you can get:

  1. You can make video calls and share different information
  2. You can share the password with a person you trust, and at the same time maintain confidentiality
  3. You can share videos on your social sites.
  4. Can watch videos from YouTube


This is video sharing sites like rabbit. He is beautiful. To access its resources you do not need to register. You will immediately understand how it works. This is another excellent alternative. He has a wide inner world, or rather a wide range of services. Here you are always welcome.

He will provide you with:

  1. Ability to control another personal computer if it6 is synchronized
  2. There are already two active rooms for you to get here.
  3. On this site you will be able to watch videos from such sites as Dropbox and YouTube
  4. It is completely free.


If you still have not chosen an analogue for yourself, then we will advise you to look at this site. It has a good design and user-friendly interface. There are also commendable features.
The platform can offer you:

  • Convenient chat that allows you to easily communicate.
  • It is possible to easily share information with loved ones
  • Access to various forms of video and music


This site has come to us since far 2011 from England. It is free and convenient. Everything is done for the user, everything is thought out. There are a number of interesting features that can affect your attention.
He can provide you with such opportunities:

  1. Access to resources without registration.
  2. There are virtual rooms for sharing information.
  3. You can manage existing chat rooms.
  4. You will get your own chat.
  5. Simple interface
  6. Ability to upload your own videos

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