Top 10 Netflix Alternative Sites for Movie and TV Show Streaming 2018

netflix alternativeNetflix is definitely one of the most popular websites that let you watch numerous movies and TV shows online conveniently. When talking about online video streaming, you just can’t miss Netflix, right? However, Netflix is not the only site you can consistently rely on. There are many Netflix alternatives that are similar to Netflix you can try when you’re a bit fed up with Netflix and want to get some thing new elsewhere. Have a look at our review of the best 10 sites like Netflix. These free and paid online movie and video streaming websites similar to Netflix will undoubtedly help to add more fun to your multimedia world.

Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime videoAmazon Prime Video comes first when talking about websites like Netflix. The same as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video belongs to the most popular video streaming sites and needs no more introduction. Currently it’s available in 100+ countries around the world. Amazon Prime Video may not offer as many as catalogs in amount compared with Netflix. However, the content is enough to satisfy its users. Apart from general movies and TV shows, Amazon also provides some in-house shows, which can’t be found elsewhere. The best part about Amazon Prime Video can be that you can subscribe to other streaming services like Showtime and HBO at a relatively lower price. We can say that it’s a central hub for a variety of online movie websites. Just note that you will first need to get a membership, which will cost additionally every month.


HuluHulu ranks 2nd in the list of Netflix alternative websites especially in the United States. A large connection of movies and TV shows from AMC, Stars, PBS and more can be found on this site and more are added regularly. In addition, many original programs like The Path, The Handmaid’s Tale, etc. are offered, which makes it more competitive in the streaming market. Apart from its own resources, Hulu also enables you to get access to the content from other streaming services, including Cinemax, Showtime, HBO, etc. The same as the central hub function of Amazon Prime Video, you will need to pay for the “”extra feature“”. Live streaming of many popular TV channels are also available on Hulu. However, currently Hulu gains less popularity than Netflix because it’s only available in the US.


HBO NowThere is no doubt that HBO Now should be regarded as one of the best alternative websites similar to Netflix especially for binge watchers. This premium cable network will enable you to get whatever show as you want, including the most popular Westworld and Game of Thrones. Currently HBO Now has more than 5 million subscribers and the number is increasing continuously. The subscription price is $14.99 every month, which is not cheap compared with other streaming services. However, you will be able to stream all the movies, TV shows, docs, etc. anywhere and anytime on your computes, mobile phones, tablets and even smart TVs as long as you log into your HBO account. The same as Hulu, at present HBO now is only available in the US and select US territories.

Sling TV

sling tvIf you’re looking for sites better than Netflix that lets you customize the streams, Sling TV can be one of your choice. With Sling TV, you will be able to customize your channel line-ups via a $20 per month subscription. Just sit and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows without useless channels and hidden fees. It’s a too much better experience than the old TV. Now you get your unique live TV and watch only what you prefer. You can also stream live TV on your portable devices anywhere you go. However, currently Sling TV is only supported in the US area. But you can still unlock it to make it available in Canada, UK and other countries.

Note: Sling TV currently can be accessed only in the United States.

Sony Crackle

Sony CrackleSony Crackle stands up as a great Netflix alternative if you’re looking for free sites like Netflix. A large connection of movies and TV shows are offered and the database is updated regularly. Some original content produced by Crackle itself are also offered. There are few ads on this site, making it attracting compared with other free movie sites. One great feature of Sony Crackle is that it lets you stream content on a variety of devices, including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming players and gaming consoles. The service is available in most countries and there is even no need to register or subscribe to start watching movies. When you’re free, why not give this free video streaming website a try?


PopcornFlixPopcornflix is another popular free video streaming websites like Netflix. You can find almost all movie genres here, including comedy, drama, action, horror, thriller, romance, mystery, documentaries, etc. Compared with paid streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, Popcornflix don’t offer that much content as most free streaming sites do. But it’s still enough if you’re not too “picky”. The streaming speed is quite fast but most of the movies are not in HD format. So if you have strict requirements on picture quality, this site may let you down. Similar to Crackle, Popcornflix is available on a wide variety of devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, Xbox and more more. Since it’s free and the interface is elegant, it is worth trying at your leisure time.

Tubi TV

TubiTvTubi TV is a fast-growing streaming service that can be considered as a free online movie site like Netflix. It offers a bunch of movies and TV shows for free and more content from studios like Paramount Pictures, Lionsgate, MGM and more are added. You don’t need to register to start watching movies for free. But if you create an account, you will be able to get some extra features like to resume your play. We can say that Tubi TV has quite a robust support for devices: it’s available on computers, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, PlayStation and more. One disadvantage of Tubi TV is that there are many ads on the site. If you can bear it, Tubi TV is a decent alternative to Netflix.


mubiIf you’re a filmaholic who are looking for Netflix alternative site to enjoy classic movies, Mubi is absolutely should be taken into consideration! Mubi mainly offers international and classic movies instead of blockbusters and TV shows. The subscription fee is $8.99 per month with a film recommendation every day. That means you can get 30 movies at such a low price. You can enjoy Mubi on computers, iOS, Android, Roku player, PlayStation, Samsung Smart TVs, etc. and even download movies for offline viewing instantly. If you’re a cinephile, you’ll definitely love Mubi and get it as an addition to Netflix for your online streaming.


video hosting site YouTube, the most popular free video streaming site, can be a nice Netflix alternative to enjoy movies and TV series online for free in a legal way. It probably offers the largest video resource and the database is said to be updated every hour. Almost all genres are available on YouTube, meaning that you can nearly find whatever you like. Despite movies and TV shows, this site also has millions of personal and original content. Videos in different formats and quality are provided and you can even download them for offline viewing easily with the help of a video downloader. Currently YouTube is available anywhere: smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, game consoles, etc.


SnagFilmsSnagFilms is another site similar to Netflix but you don’t need to pay any frees to enjoy movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc. It has plenty of movies in different genres but the genres are organized in a different way from other streaming websites. Most of the movies and shows on this site can be watched in 720p or 1080p quality and there are little advertising compared with other free movie streaming services. Most of the stuff offered on SnagFilms can’t be find elsewhere, including some very old ones that you may heard of before. If you’re looking for a Netflix plus to stream differently for free, consider SnagFilms your first option!

How to Download Movies from Netflix and Similar Sites

record videos Netflix and similar movie streaming sites are great as long as you have a stable internet connection. But what if you would like to watch your favorite movies while travelling? Unfortunately, most streaming sites do not have a download function available, so we are going to utilize a third party tool to grab movies from streaming sites directly to computer. There are tons of such tools over the internet, but finding the right one that will meet all your requirements is not that easy. Our recommendation is AceThinker’s Video Keeper. A versatile and easy-to-use piece of software that you can use to grab movies from streaming sites automatically using its built-in video detector. Upon downloading a movie video, you can choose from a wide range of video formats to convert your movie make to make it compatible with your system or portable player. Follow the steps below to learn how to use Video Keeper.

Step1 Download and install Video Keeper

Click the button below to get a copy of Video Keeper. Install the software using the wizard and launch the tool from your computer. You’ll get to the interface as illustrated below.

Try It Free

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Step2 Enable detector

After launching Video Keeper, in the bottom-left corner, make sure the detector is enabled as this will let the program recognize and download media from movie sites automatically.


Step3 Start streaming movie

Open Netflix or any other streaming site listed in the article above and start playing the movie you wish to download. Navigate to the “Detect” tab on top menu, and then you can visit the link to your favourite movie with the built-in browser.

stream movie

Step4 Download movie

Once the program has recognized the media file, you will see a pop-up window notifying you and the download will begin automatically.

detect and download movie

Step5 Complete downloads

To check the status of movie downloaded this way, move to “Download” tab on the top menu and the status can be viewed in the “Downloading” window which can be selected from the left pane. From here you can track the progress of any video being downloaded. Once a download is complete, it will be shown in “Completed” window (also on left pane) from where you can rename, view, convert your video and access more options.

complete downloads

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We can say that Netflix is an unbeatable service in terms of movie and TV streaming. It offers a large movie and TV series selection and you can get access to it in different countries on different devices. All the recommended sites in this article can be great alternatives to Netflix but none of them can completely replace Netflix. With this Netflix similar sites as supplements for video streaming, you won’t miss any great media content from now on. If you would also like to have your favorite movies on your computer or mobile device for later viewing, then we recommend AceThinker’s Video Keeper as a tool for downloading movies directly.

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