Top 10 Live Screen Recorder for Windows/Mac to Record Live Videos

There is no way you can stop a live video and that’s why so many people are looking for live screen recorders that can help to record live streaming videos for viewing later. Here you will find the best 10 live video recording programs that let you record live videos in high quality. Wanna try? Click the button below to get a copy of Screen Grabber Pro and start the recording right now!

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live screen recorderLive streamings are in trend now a day. There are many people that are hook up in watching live streaming videos because there are many famous celebrities or talented streamers are involved. In some instances, we might want to get an effective live screen recorder so as to record the live video streams to save them in our computer for reviewing purposes. Get messed about which one to select? Have a look at our top 10 recommendation here. The best 10 live video recorders with detailed steps to use them are presented in this article.

Free Screen Recorder – Best Free Live Screen Recorder

free online live streaming recorder

AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is one of the best live screen recorder you can use freely. It is highly recommended tool in doing screencasting since you can access this tool without any installation and you can use it in a single click. Unlike other tools, it doesn’t leave any watermarks or any time limit. It also records your system audio and mic.

To use this tool, youh may refer to the steps below:

Step1 Launch the application

The first thing you need to do to use this as a live video recorder, you need to visit the official website of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder. Once you are in the main website you may launch the application by simply clicking the “Start Recording” button.

Step2 Adjust and Capture

After launching the app, you may go to your target video. After that, you have to adjust your desired frame to capture your video properly. Once done you may start your recording by clicking the “rec” button.

Step3 Finish and save

Once everything is done, you may stop the recording by clicking the blue pause button. If you wish to save the recorded file, you can click the green check button, then the recorded file will automatically be saved on your computer.


  • No watermark and no time limit
  • Web-based application
  • Free and easy to use


  • Little bit laggy when recording heavy frame rate games

Screen Grabber Pro – Comprenhensive Live Video Recorder

best live screen recorderOne of the most reliable screen recorders is the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro. It is an effective tool to use as a live screen recorder for Windows and Mac OS. This tool is highly recommended for its versatile functions to screen record your activity, to input audio, to take a screenshot and for sharing. Apart from that, it has an adjustable format to perform the best outcome for your video. It is also one the few screen recorders that support both audios from your system and mic. Another great feature of this live stream recorder is that it lets you schedule a recording task to record your computer screen automatically.

Here how may use this tool to record:

Step1 Download and Install Screen Grabber Pro

Before anything else, you must download this live stream recorder to your computer. You may simply click the download button below or visit then click the “try it free” button to download the app. After downloading you may now install it on your computer.

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Windows XP/7/8/10

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Mac OS X 10.8 & above

Secure Download

Step2 Record Your Video

Once installed, go to your target video then launch the application. Start the recording by clicking the “Record” button in the main interface of the tool. You may select whether to record a region or in full-screen mode.

starter interface of screen grabber pro

Step3 Finish and Save

Once done recording your live-streamed video, you may save it by clicking the stop button. After that, the recorded file is automatically be saved in the main interface of the tool.

finish recording screen


  • Very user friendly
  • No java script requirements
  • Can record video with webcam without leaving any watermarks or any time limit
  • Additional useful features to take screenshots and upload easily
  • Organized your saved files


  • You might need to purchase the pro version


record with camstudioCamStudio is one of the famous professional screen recorders with a built-in SWF Producer. SFW Producer is used to turning AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) format into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs). This tool is also known because it allows the user to produce a video with clickable links to direct the viewers easily in some demonstration videos. It is also a wonderful tool to record live streaming video since it records the audio of your computer.

Below are the steps to record videos with CamStudio:

Step1 Download and Install CamStudio

Go to the CamStudio website to the download the program. This tool won’t cost you anything because it is a freeware. Then, install the recorder on your computer by clicking the “setup.exe” file. Once it is installed, open CamStudio to start the recording process.

Step2 Select the Recording Region

The tool allows you to select the region are on your screen to be recorded. Simply click the “Region” button and you can choose between the fixed region and full screen.

select recording area

Step3 Select Video Options

You can take full control of the video quality according to your need. Just go the “Options” button and select “Video Options” to adjust the quality.

camstudio video settings

Step4 Start the Recording Process

To start the process, click the red “Record” button. If you want to stop recording, just click the blue button or hit the system tray icon and choose your option. Once you are done recording, you can save it to your desired location which will automatically let you watch your recording right away.

save recording


  • Contains a built in SWF Producer
  • Can produce a video with clickable links


  • Output file size is large
  • Cost more CPU resource

Screencast O Matic

Screencast O MaticAs one of the few useful web-based live screen capture which is trusted by many users to create and share screen recordings, Screencast-O-Matic allows the user to produce high-quality videos but it is limited to web pages and simple screen activity. This tool will be a bit laggy when used to record gameplay.

Follow the steps below to get started with Screencast-O-Matic:

Step1 Launch Recorder from Screencast-O-Matic

Go to Screencast-O-Matic website and click on the “Start recording for free” button. You may do this even without an account. On the next page, hit the Launch Free Recorder” option. You will be asked to download and install a launcher first if it’s the first time you use it.

launch free recorder

Step2 Select the Region to Be Recorded

Once the program is launched, a screen capturing frame will appear. You can choose to record the entire Window screen or select a specific area by clicking and dragging the corner areas of the frame. You can also move the whole frame by holding the central arrows. Meanwhile, you can choose whether you want to record screen, yourself with a webcam, or both.

live screen recorder screencast o matic

Step3 Start Recording

Simply click on the red “Rec” button to start the recording process. When you want to pause or stop recording, just hit the blue button.

recording live video


  • Can save your video into Mp4, AVI and FLV
  • Can automatically upload your video to Youtube and Vimeo


  • This tool doesn’t contain any video editing tools
  • You can only record for a maximum of 15 minutes

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream Screen Recorder capture videoIcecream Screen Recorder is one of the best free live video recorders where you can not only record your screen activity but also has an additional feature to take and edit screenshots instantly on your desktop screen. It also offers a unique attribute where you can add annotations when recording a video which is very handy for doing live streamings.

Follow these steps to use Icecream Screen Recorder:

Step1 Download and Install Icecream Screen Recorder

Acess the Icecream Screen Recorder link to download and install the tool. Once you have set up the program on your computer, you instantly see the interface of the recorder.

Icecream Screen Recorder capture video

Step2 Edit the Settings

Click the “Settings” button in the bottom right corner of the window to prepare the tool for recording by customizing the settings according to your preference. The settings include options like System, Save to, Video, Audio, and Hotkeys.

Icecream Screen Recorder Settings

Step3 Choose the Recording Area

Go to the video that you want to record or capture. Just hit the “Capture Video” button located in the upper left corner of the tool. You may click the “Area auto detection” recording mode to easily select the region on the screen to be recorded.

Icecream Screen Recorder select area

Step4 Start Recording

After you have prepared the settings of the tool, click the “Rec” button to start recording live streaming videos. All the changes you made in preparation for recording will be applied in the entire recording process.Click “Stop” button on the recording panel to finish the recording, then save it to your computer.

Icecream Screen Recorder record


  • It has a simplified interface
  • Can save videos to various formats like MP4, WebM, MOV and MP4


  • Can screen record by up to 10 minutes only

iPhone Screen Recorder – Best Live Screen Recorder for iOS

When talking about live screen recorder for iPhone, AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder shouldn’t be ignored. This tool is designed to mirror your iPhone screen in your computer wirelessly. Unlike other tools which only mirrors your iOS device, this tool can record your screen activity and the audio from your device. Aside from that, it has a unique feature to change the format instantly before recording. It is very useful when doing video tutorials, game reviews, and procedure demonstrations.

Here are the following steps how to use this tool:

Step1 Download and install the application

First, you must download the application in your computer from the download button below or visit the main website. Once done install the application on your computer.

Try It Free

Free Download

Windows XP/7/8/10

Secure Download

Free Download

Mac OS X 10.8 & above

Secure Download

Step2 Launch and connect

Once done downloading, launch the application and start mirroring your iOS device by swiping up your iPhone device to launch the control center. After that select tap the mirroring icon and connect it to your pc. Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-fi connection.

Step3 Set up and record

After mirroring you can now start your recording, you may first go to the video you wish to capture. and then click the round record button located above in the main interface on the tool.

record video


  • No time limit and doesn’t leave any watermarks
  • No complicated and steps and can wirelessly connect


  • You may need to spend to avail the product


jing recorderJing is another relatively easy to be used tool for free from TechSmith. Jing is similar to Icecream Screen Recorder which has an additional feature to take and edit screenshots instantly. The difference if Jing to other tools is it comes with a movable sun icon. However, this tool a time limit of five minutes per recording and doesn’t support audios from your system and mic.

Step1 Download and Install Jing

Visit Jing’s website. Click “Free Download” and install the program on your computer. Registering an account is required and it will help you share your video recordings online.

Step2 Start the Program

Once it is started, a Jing’s sun-like icon will display on the upper-right corner of your screen. Clicking the icon will reveal three options where the first option is for capturing.

choose capture

Step3 Select the screen area and start the recording

You can choose the area to be recorded and select between “Capture Image” or Capture Video” to record. If you choose to capture video, you may record your voice along with the recording of your screen.

choose recording region

Step4 Save and share your video

Click “Stop” button to end and save the recording. You can share your video files on the web or save on the disk.

jing finish recording


  • Comes with a handy sun icon that avoids distraction in the screen
  • Built in with a screenshot tool with editing feature


  • Can record by just up to 5 minutes only
  • It requires a little bit time in installation
  • Internet is required when viewing recorded files


Another great solution to record live show is Monosnap. It contains many useful features like video recording, snapper, and a storage software. This tool can offer audio improvements and simple editing to your videos. You may insert annotations, shapes, lines and more. It is one of the best tools in making screencasts because it supports your webcam and your system’s audio. Aside from that, it has built-in sharing tools where you can save your recorded files if you have an account in Monosnap. This is quite handy for its amazing features.

Here is the procedure to record live streams with Monosnap:

Step1 Download and Install Monosnap

Download and install Monosnap screen recorder from its webpage. After the installation, your computer will have a Monosnap icon that you can use for recording. Click the icon and choose record video from desktop.


Step2 Start Recording

Move the capture area frame to the screen area to be recorded. Click the “Rec” button to start recording.

Set up the recording frame

Step3 Complete Recording

Once you are satisfied with your video, press the “Rec” button again and the program will process your recorded file. Once done processing, a window will pop-up to save or upload your file. Hit the “Save” button to save the video on your computer.

monosnap in recording


  • Can be used as a snapper and a storage software
  • Easy to install and download


  • Complicated interface

Screenflow – Live Video Capture for Mac

screen flowIf you are looking for a tool to record live screen in your Mac operating system, Screenflow is highly suggested. It one of the best screen recorders in Mac where you can edit professionally. It also excels in demonstration videos because with its built-in tools where you can illustrate or point your subject easily. It has an amazing quality to record high frame-rate like games and satisfying audio recording. It is a worth to try program that users will truly love using.

How to record video with Screenflow:

Step1 Setup Your Recording

Download and install ScreenFlow and launch it after successful installation. As the picture below shows, you will be able to choose the recording mode, audio, etc. according to your preferences.

Screenflow set up recording

Step2 Start Recording

Simply click the Record button and the program will start the recording process. There will be a short countdown. You can then play the live video you wish to capture.

Step3 Finalize the Recording

When the recording is done, right-click the camera icon from the toolbar and click “Stop Record” to end it. After that, the editing program will open automatically and you can edit the recording as you like.

screenflow edit video


  • One of the screen recorder with a build in video editor
  • Best to use in demonstration
  • Can be used in games


  • Complicated interface
  • Needs a little time to master

OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster SoftwareOBS Studio is another professional screen recorder that supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. It has a bit complicated interface but gives amazing result once you have mastered using it. It comes with high-performance, real-time video with audio capturing where you can mix with other activities on your screen. It supports your web camera for better results in live streaming. It contains a peculiar feature called Modular Duck where you can rearrange the layout of your video.

Step-by-step instruction for recording live streams using OBS Studio:

Step1 Setup Screen Recording

Download and install Open Broadcaster Software on your computer. OBS includes Scenes and Sources systems. When it is launched, it has a Scene added by default located at the bottom left corner of the interface.

customize settings

Step2 Add a source

You need to add source inside Scene before you can start recording. Just click the plus (+) icon below the panel named Sources. If you are using Linux computer, select Screen Capture, but if it is a Mac or Windows, choose Display Capture. Just click “OK” in the popping windows. Next, under the Settings button, select the Output button and choose the destination of your file on the Recording Path field to be saved.

add source

Step3 Start Recording

When you are done preparing the tool, start the recording by hitting the Start Recording button. Once done, just click Stop Recording and your file will automatically be saved to the specified folder.

Start recording


  • Free application
  • Modular Duck feature
  • Can mix sounds


  • Complicated interface
  • Needs a little time to master


As you can tell, there are many live streaming recorders that you can use to capture live videos from everywhere: YouTube, Facebook, Neflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vimeo, etc. Now you don’t need worry about missing any broadcastings as you can record them for viewing later even if you’re away from the computer. If you just want to record for a few times, you can just get a free online one to complete your work. But if you want to capture live videos frequently, it’s recommended that you invest in the more professional desktop recorders. Hope this article will help and feel free to share your opinions below.

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