Top 10 Games Like Corruption of Champions (CoC) of 2019

Corruption of Champions is a great and an amazing boring time killer game that you must play in your life. This video game is always stood as a first choice for most of the gamers. Your search for best alternative games like Corruption of Champions (CoC) ends here. In Corruption of Champions, the main character plays the amazing role of a citizen of village.

According to the rural tradition of the village in this game, all the villagers select a champion. This game has an interesting storyline and mindful challenges. So, if you are looking for other best alternative games of Corruption of Champions (CoC) then you have landed on the right article. Just make sure to read this article completely in order to not miss any necessary information.

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  • 1 List of Best Alternative Games like Corruption of Champions (CoC)
    • 1.1 1. Carnal Souls
    • 1.2 2. Kingdom of Loathing
    • 1.3 3. Trials in Tainted Space
    • 1.4 4. Flexible Survival
    • 1.5 5. Free Cities – Best Games Like Corruption of Champions
    • 1.6 6. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures
    • 1.7 7. My Very Own Lith
    • 1.8 8. The Poor Whore
    • 1.9 9. Fall of Eden
    • 1.10 10. Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity
    • 1.11 Last Words…..

List of Best Alternative Games like Corruption of Champions (CoC)

1. Carnal Souls

Carnal Souls : Games Like Corruption of Champions (CoC) of 2018

On the top of this list we have Carnal Souls as one of the best games like Corruption of Champions (COC). Carnal Souls is a complete mixture of adventure, open world and RPG game that you will love. With a heart touching storyline, you have to explore the new locations, looting of treasures, have a challenging fight with the bosses and powerful enemies. You will need to give your best in order to stay tuned towards your direction.


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2. Kingdom of Loathing

Kingdom of Loathing : Games Like Corruption of Champions (CoC) of 2018

Kingdom of Loathing is another great Corruption of Champions Alternatives Games that you can look for. In this game you conquer over the enemies and if you win you get rewards, experience points, meat, gaining skills and much more. You can boost up economic conditions by farming, taking part in trending and much more. You can play either in single player mode or in multiplayer mode. By using the chat option, you can interact with other players and can also build up your team as well.

3. Trials in Tainted Space

Here we have Trials in Tainted Space as another great game in this list. This game is completely based on. RPG and it begins with a scene where a ship has been left behind by his / her dying father. The motive of the main character is to earn hardcore money and power as well. In that way the character finds out the new characters in the coming stages. The key thing is that you must give it a try.

4. Flexible Survival

Flexible Survival : Games Like Corruption of Champions (CoC) of 2018

Flexible Survival is another great game that is developed by Nuku Valente. This game is available for all great platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. This game features decent graphics, amazing character customizing options, hack combat, slash combat and much more. In this game the world is terribly infected by the virus and the world is at its end. Your main motive is to keep standing and stay safe and alive till the military reach you.

5. Free Cities – Best Games Like Corruption of Champions

In the middle of this list we have Free Cities as one of the best and leading games like Corruption of Champions (CoC) in this list. This slavery management game is especially developed for the Twine 2. The main character perform many tasks like buying, training, managing and selling the slave course etc. You can play this game online as it is supported by the browser.


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6. Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures

Cyberpunk Adventures : Games Like Corruption of Champions (CoC) of 2018

Cypher: Cyberpunk Adventures is a real time experience giving game. This text based adventure game was developed by Cabrera brothers in 2012. This game starts with the detailed description of the surrounding conditions, location and about the main character. If you really like this type of game then you must play it.

7. My Very Own Lith

Whenever it comes to have one of the Best Corruption of Champions Alternatives, My Very Own Lith pop-ups into our mind. You will find various versions of the game like modded versions with deluxe version, cheats and public version. You have to play the role of the cat and the cat’s name is Lith. You can also select the gender of the Lith and also get more customization options as well.


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8. The Poor Whore

The Poor Whore is compatible with the Windows platform. Here the main character explores the world, meet with the new people, complete the various challenges and quests to process to the next level. You also get tons of player customisation options for the main character and others as well. The Poor Whore is a text based game and it encounters sex in the form of second person.

9. Fall of Eden

Here we have a most interesting and good games like Corruption of Champions in this list called Fall of Eden. This game is developed by Fenox and has a great storyline with the supernatural theme. Here the story starts where the main character moved to the abandoned place in the neighborhood, and they accidentally opened the gateway between the earth and that helish world. You will also need to contact with the goddess queen aria in order to protect yourself. You will face demons in this game. You also get some customization options and you must give this game a try.

10. Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity

On the last of this list but not the least we have Gift of Phallius 2: The Key to Eternity. Here the main character is the role of the Dalia who is a 14-year-old girl living in a palace. You get various quests to complete and move to the next stage. You will need to download this game on your system. The game offers two versions. The first one is multimedia and the second is text only. This game is perfectly diversified into multiple stages. So keep playing.

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Last Words…..

Here we have the list of top 10 best games like Corruption of Champions that you can play. We hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to comment below guys if you know any other alternative game of Corruption of Champions that must be listed here. Stay tuned with us to get more regular updates and information about the latest technology, gadgets and more.

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