The File or Directory Is Corrupted and Unreadable? Get It Fixed Here!

the file or directory is corrupted and unreadableRemovable Storage Device is a storage disk drive that can be plugged in externally. These devices includes USB Flash Disk, SD Cards and External Hard Disk Drives. To use these devices, they must be plugged in, into the USB ports of the System Unit. These devices are pretty simple to use, just plug them in, and use them. However, there are times that an error message appears, telling you that the “The File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreadable“. This is a sign that something is wrong with your device and something needs to be done to fix it. Continue reading to know the possible causes of this error and ways to restore files that were affected by this error.

Why The File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreadable?

There are many possible reasons why a disk file or directory becomes corrupted. It can be physical, or problem with the program itself. To understand it better, here we listed some of the most common causes of the file or directory corruption error.

1. Damaged Hardware

broken hard drive One thing to consider is having physical damage to the hardware. If a hard drive was accidentally dropped on the floor, there is a chance that it will sustain physical damage and can cause directory corruption. So the better be careful when holding this physical disk drives to avoid unwanted damage.

2. Unsafe Removal of USB drives

eject usb properly Common mistake of PC users whenever they are using USB Flash Storage, is that they don’t safely eject their USB device. This can cause file corruption, as the system is currently using the USB device, and suddenly it will be disconnected. It is better to practice safely ejecting the USB drives from the system. This will at least reduces the chances of file and directory corruption.

3. FAT Corruption

fat corruption FAT stands for File Allocation table, this section allows the system to know where a file is located by providing the information about that file. Since this is the one the grants’ access to the specific file or directory to the system, there is chance that the FAT itself is the one that is corrupted. This will result in the FAT not granting permission on the system to access the files or directory.

4. Check for Virus Infection

scan device for virus Virus infection has been a common reason for computer malfunctions. This is also applicable for removable device like USB storage, or external hard disk drives. Checking for viruses, if a file is corrupted is another worthy method to try for these issues. Using different anti-virus programs, determine if the drive is really infected and deletes the virus.

Recover Files Affected by File/Directory Corruption

First thing to know when such error occurs, is that the files on the affected “Drive” are not lost permanently. There is a way to restore these files using a recovery tool like Acethinker Disk Recovery. This tool can restore files that were deleted or lost because of the file or directory is corrupted error. Here are the steps on how to use this tool.

Step1 Get the installer and set up the tool on the PC

First, download the program installer by clicking the download buttons below. Next, install the program by following the simple instructions on the screen.

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Step2 Run the program and start the process of recovery

Once the installation of the tool is complete, open it to reach the home screen of the program.

run the tool

Step3 Select the file types that were deleted from the drive

On the home screen, select the type of file/s that needs to be recovered. Click the “Next” button afterwards to get to the next screen.

select file types

Step4 Scan the Corrupted Drive to restore the files

On the following screen, select one Disk Drive, from the list and click the “Next” button to initiate a scan on the selected Drive and wait for the scan to finish.

scan the drive c

Step5 Select the Files to Recover

From the list of files that were found by the tool, select the files that you want to restore and click the “Recover” button to save the files again.

restore the files

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When a file or directory is corrupted and unreadable, the first thing that comes to mind is to delete them and replace with a new one. This is a safe method, but what if it is an important file, and it is urgently needed? For such situations don’t hesitate to use recovery tools, as they were created to help in restoring lost and deleted files. Acethinker Disk Recovery is a tool that is worth the try because not only it can restore the file, it can do it fast and efficient.

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