Step By Step Registration Process for AceThinker Video Master

The AceThinker Video Master is the best available converter tool you can get in the market today. Video Master is very versatile tool for a converter. This can help you convert any videos and audios in the format your desired without losing the video or audio quality in the process. Aside from that, it has a professional video editor to satisfy the users need in editing various videos. By using this tool, you can trim some parts of the video easily, rotate and adjust your video’s resolution, add some effects, and add some watermarks.

If you’re giveaway user, please visit to get the keycode at first. Note that this keycode is for you to activate the software after creating user account.

For Windows User

To start using this program for Windows users, you may follow this guideline below:

Step1 Download the software

During the first step of the registration process, you can visit the official AceThinker page of this great tool at where after pressing the Try it Free button below the description of the tool, the version which suits your Windows or Mac computer will be directly downloaded.


For Mac User

Step2 Install the tool

Once you have the launcher downloaded, simply start it and follow the installation guide until the program is finalized on your computer and can be accessible from your hard drive.


Step3 Proceed to the Log in & Sign up page

Once you are finished with the installation and inside the interface, a window will pop up that asks you to either Activate the product or Log into your AceThinker account. Therefore just press the Log in @ Sign up button to continue with creating an AceThinker account.


Step4 Register an account

On the newl opened window you can press the Sign up page on the bottom to change the window to the Registration mode.


Step5 Input your details

On the Register window just input your email and password to create your AceThinker account.


Step6 Look for the verification code

After inputting your details, the window will change so that it will require you to input the Verification code that you will receive in an email to your email address very shortly. Note, that this verification code is NOT the registration keycode.

Step7 Copy the registration code

At this point you should wait for receiving your verification code for your account onto your email address. When it arrives, just copy the code and go back to the program.


Step8 Verify your AceThinker account

Once you have the verification code, input this code into the Verification window, and click Next to finalize verifying the AceThinker user account.


Step9 Finalize the verification

At this point you will receive a window that you are a VIP user and you successfully verified your AceThinker account. Now you can proceed to use your registration keycode to register your product.


Step10 Copy your Registration keycode

Now that you have the Video Master program ready, you can copy your registration keycode from your purchasing email to prepare to put it into the program.


Step11 Finalize the registration in the Register window

Go back to your interface after copying the keycode, navigate to top-right of interface, click the user account icon (the portrait-look icon) to pop-up user account window:

user account

Click on your user name to drop-down a list and then select activate from it:

You shall input your previously attained AceThinker program license code under the License Code line, and eventually press the Register button, so you can access all the benefits of the premium version from now on.


For Mac Users

To start utilizing this program for Mac users, just try checking out this guideline below:

Step1 Go to its website and install the program

First thing you must do to utilize this program is to go to its website ( and install it in your computer by simply clicking the “Try it Free” button. It is also possible to download the tool from these accessible buttons below.

Try It Free

Free Download

Windows XP/7/8/10

Secure Download

Free Download

Mac OS X 10.8 & above

Secure Download

Step2 Launch and Register

After successfully downloading and installing the program in your computer you may now launch the main interface and locate the account button below to start the registering process of your account


Step3 Account Creation

When you are already in account settings, you may now create an account. There are 2 possible ways to do it. You may create a new existing account by clicking the “Sign up” button and fill up the information needed. The other option is to use your existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account. You may proceed with this step by allowing your account to have an access with this tool.


Step4 Account Activation

After getting your license for buying this tool, you will receive a code. You may activate it by clicking the button beside your account name. After that select activate and simply paste the URL then confirm.



That sums up the simple steps on how you can register and activate your account in AceThinker Video Master. You may enjoy the program and try out the special features of this tool. For any question in registration, feel free to send your enquiry to

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