Reviews of Top 10 iPad Video Player Apps 2018

With the Apple iPad Screens becoming larger, watching movies on your iPad is much more accessible now. Unfortunately, the default video player that comes with your iPad doesn’t support many features to provide an amazing movie watching experience. There are a lot of different programs available in the App store to fix this. With these amazing video player apps for iPad, you can enjoy your favorite movies or TV shows on your long-haul flight or on the move without any issues.

Best iPad Video Player – Infuse 5

infuseWhen people are looking for a solid video player for their iPad or iPhones, Infuse is one of the first that should come to mind. This can play all kinds of video formats and also allows you to organize all your videos. It also allows you to drag and drop videos into your iPad without the need to use iTunes. With Infuse you don’t need to download any converter to convert videos so you can watch them straight away using this program. Infuse 5 has a lot of exciting features like great streaming options, Trakt 2-way sync features, Airplay and subtitle support. The user interface is simply outstanding with easy to identify and use controls along with a great all-round movie watching experience.


  • Supports around 14 different video formats
  • Easy to use interface
  • Transfer files through Wi-Fi
  • Download subtitles easily and quickly
  • Supports Airplay and Dolby Digital Surround Sound


PlayerXtremePlayerXtreme is one of the best hardware accelerated media players for the iPad that supports almost all kinds of video and audio formats. PlayerXtreme is the video player to watch movies on the go as you don’t need to worry about the formats of the videos. This means you don’t need to convert the videos at all as PlayerXtreme has inbuilt codecs that makes it support all kinds of media formats. It helps in organizing all your media in your Mac easily without any fuss and also comes with a new navigation and search system to find any audio or video file quickly. In terms of security for your media files, you can set a passcode to your media library so that no one can access your files.


  • Plays media files from your email attachments as well
  • Supports HD videos in 1080 p
  • Comes with quick forward and backward controls
  • Access your media files in your iPad using a browser
  • Even map your media library as a drive for easier accessibility

VLC Media Player

vlc-playerVLC is one of the most popular names among video players and has maintained itself in the top 3 positions among media players in Windows and Mac for a long time. The reason that they are able to withstand this competition is because they always wanted to improve on their product. One of the main aspects of the VLC media player is the user interface as VLC has taken utmost care in providing a simple and easy to use user-interface. The VLC media player for iPad, iPhone or mobile phones supports all kinds of video formats and also comes with a lot features. With various features, it will take at least 5 minutes to get accustomed to the functionality of the VLC Media player for iPad.


  • Supports all kinds of video formats
  • Drag and drop files
  • Wi-Fi file transfer
  • Network Streaming
  • FTP support


OplayerOplayer is another fascinating video player for iPad, iPhones and other devices. It is a player specifically designed only for iOS devices, so you can be sure that it utilizes all iOS functions and capabilities to a great extent. The video playback is smooth and provides a great movie watching experience along with providing subtitle support. Oplayer is also packed with a lot of exciting features including playing media files in your email attachment or locking the screen while watching videos, so that you can watch it without any disturbance. There is a free version as well as a paid version, where you can enjoy ad-free movies with the paid version.


  • Specially designed for iOS devices
  • Comes with a built-in browser
  • Lock screen while watching videos
  • Plays media from email attachment
  • Download videos easily

Good Player

good playerIn our Top 5 best video player for the iPad list, the last one in the list is the Good Player for iPad and other iOS devices. The Good player supports similar features to the PlayerXtreme media player. With Good player installed on your iPad, you can also watch movies from your web browser. You can also easily activate or deactivate the subtitles easily.


  • Watch movies from web browser
  • Supports all kinds of video formats

Joobik Player

good playerAn alternative mentionable player that is generally available to both those who wish to do video playing on their iPhone as well as iPad, the Joobik player does a great job when it comes to synchronize videos, as well as music and the related playlist among the devices. It also comes with multiple great functions for video playing that includes a shuffle mode where you can shuffle the order of the videos that are being played. A great feature additionally is that you are also able to play any videos that are non-DRM generally on your chosen iOS device.


  • great snyc function for playlists, as well as both music and video files
  • ability to play non-DRM videos
  • display artist as well as album name for TV shows

PowerHD Media Player

good playerPowerHD Media Player is another relevant alternative that fits to its name as this tool possesses multiple powerful options including a Picture-in-Picture mode for the latest iPad series after iOS 9, that makes it possible to watch your desired movie even when you are working in the meantime. This function is great as you are offered complete freedom for its personalization, and you can resize the emerging PIP window to make it comfortable to your usage. Furthermore, this tool is great when it comes to using subtitles as it is designed to support multiple formats that are on the other hand have to be downloaded individually.


  • unique picture-in-picture mode for video playing during work
  • Includes a free encoding tool to handle multiple file formats
  • supports a wide range of subtitle formats


KMPlayerKMPlayer is one of the top on our list as it is a proven program by as many as 300 million users around the world who enjoy its functions day by day. This player comes in a free encoding version which is designed to cope with a large range of video file formats and give smooth playing for them afterwards. Furthermore, this tool gives great handling of its video playing as multiple touch gestures are supported which you can use to do basic commands such as video skipping, rewinding, or even fast forwarding of the played video.


  • Free application
  • Includes a free encoding tool to handle multiple file formats
  • Provides touch gesture functions

MCPlayer HD

MCPlayer HDMCPlayer HD is a player that is also recognized with the name Media Center Video Player. This tool is specifically built by its developed in order to play videos as well as multiple audio formats on your favorite iOS device, with a special focus on iPad users. A mentionable feature is that the player has a built-in Dolby digital plus sound integration that gives a clean and surround feeling for the sound that is played during the video playing. Furthermore, you are able to have very personalized playlist with Watch later function so that you can schedule your videos in the order you wish to see them more conveniently.


  • specific focus on iPad
  • Dolby digital plus surrounding sound feature
  • Watch later function included


good playerLast but not least on our ranking list is the ArkMC tool that is widely popular as it can be regarded as a complete software suite that is able to be a video player together with being a video streamer with comprehensive and powerful features. The specific focus of the developers turned towards developing a UPnP/DNLA sharing feature into the tool that gives a smooth wireless sharing possibility, while the video player itself is also very comprehensive and powerful. The ArkMC Media Player furthermore is very capable of understanding multiple file format options that makes it easy to utilize for your favorite video.


  • special focus on video streaming and sharing function
  • ability to support multiple video formats

Reviews of iPad player 2018 Conclusion

So we’ve provided you with some of the best video players for iPad, so that you can enjoy your favorite videos, movies and TV shows on a vacation or during a long flight. Choose the best player that suits and download and install it your iPad.

We hope you can also try Video Master, one of the most popular all-in-one video converter and media player that helps you to convert all kinds of video formats. This even converts HD videos easily and also convert videos to iPad supported formats etc.

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