iOS 11 Screen Recording – Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen in iOS 11

With the release of iOS 11, we saw a lot of new features being brought to our iOS devices. Some of these features allow for you to use your iPhone more productively (such as the “Files” application, where you can manage your iCloud files) while other features let you get more out of your device (such as the Control Centre customization).

A part of the Control Centre customization which has been added is iOS 11 screen recording. This is a much-requested feature and after years of begging, we finally got it. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to record screen on iOS 11, continue reading our article.

How to Use the Built-in iOS 11 Screen Recorder

In case you are interested in how to use the iPhone’s own iOS 11 screen recorder that is built in and integrated originally into the mobile, you can refer to the guide below.

Step1 Enabling iOS 11 Screen Recording

Before screen recording, you have to enable the screen recording feature in your iPhone’s settings. To do this, simply launch the “Settings” app, swipe down and tap on “Control Centre”, and enable the “Screen Recording” feature by tapping on it.

enable ios 11 screen recording

Step2 Start Recording with iOS 11 Screen Recorder

Now that it’s enabled, you can start screen recording by swiping upwards on your screen to view the Control Centre and tapping on the recording icon which is shown.

For those who want to record their microphone while they record their screen, tap and hold down the recording icon and from the menu which is shown, tap on “Microphone” to enable it. Lastly, tap on “Start Recording” to start recording your device’s screen.

start recording iOS 11 screen

Step3 Stop Your iOS 11 Screen Recorder

There are different ways to stop your screen recording. You can tap on the recording bar which is shown at the top of your display and tap “Stop” from the notification which appears. The other way is to swipe up to see the Control Centre, tap on the recording icon, and tap “Stop Recording”.

stop iOS 11 recording

Step4 Editing a Recorded Video

After you have recorded your screen you are able to edit the video. Launch the “Photos” app, select the recording, and tap on the “Edit” button from the bottom of the display.

To trim the edges of your recording, tap and hold down the anchor icon on each side of the recording and move it appropriately. The highlighted section which you see is what will remain after you have clicked “Done”.

edit recording

Record iOS 11 Screen with an Alternative Recorder

iphone screen recorder

If you want to take your screen recording to a whole new level, the best option that you have is the iPhone/iPad Recorder. With this program, your iOS device’s display is shown on your computer and you are able to record it using your computer rather than your device. This is beneficial for your device’s performance and prevents its storage from filling up. The program is easy to use and all you need to do to connect your device is make sure that your device and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This program is much more suitable for recording your iOS device’s screen as it allows you to record videos in a range of different formats (including MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.). You can also change the recording settings such as the recording quality, whether or not you want your microphone to be recorded, and you can even record the device’s system sounds.

If you want to use this solution check the steps presented here:

Step1 Download and install the solution

Firstly you have the option to start the downloading process of the complete AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder program to your computer or laptop the most straightforward manner if you click on the button below. Afterwards just install the tool in a simple manner in order to get it ready for your recording. You also shouldnt forget that because this tool has been under development in a way that it needs to maintain wireless connection with the help of Wi-Fi between your desktop or laptop and mobile, it also has to be highlighted that you need to download the related application onto your iPhone before starting the screencasting process.

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Step2 Set the options of the tool

Once you have the solution set, just go and set the options which are available to your own preferences. From the settings menu, you are provided all the tools that you need to create the best of recordings experience afterwards.

Step3 Connect your devices

In order to continue, it’s very noteworthy that you must guarantee that both your Apple device and your computer or laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Step4 Start the Airplay

In the following step you should swipe up from the bottom on your iPhone and click on the “AirPlay” option which pops up. Afterwards you can navigate between the different connections that are available to your device, so here you need to select the connection which is labelled with your computers name to have the same to your iPhone.

Step5 See the device match on your laptop

At this point the Apple device’s screen from this point is going to be seen on your other devices such as laptop which provides the bigger screen, and you can just directly put the iPhone Screen Recorder under usage for recording the iPhone’s screen.

Step6 Perform the recording

In order to perform the recording, just tap the button in red, so that when you finally got everything done from the recording, just press the “Stop button” with the right mouse button.

When you arrive to the end of your successful recording, the newly created file will be accessible for view from the file location which you put in the settings before recording. The best part is that this tool will provide very smooth videos without jailbreaking your Apple device or having to put up with the irritancy of advertisements!

What to Look for in a Screen Recorder for iOS 11

Given how limited the iOS software is it can be difficult to find a screen recording method which works for you. Below are some of the things that you should look out for when choosing a screen recorder for iOS 11.

  • the ability to record high-quality videos.
  • you should be able to record videos in a range of different video formats as well as being able to record your microphone and system sounds.
  • the screen recorder should let you record both portrait and landscape videos.
  • the screen recorder that you choose should not impact your iOS device’s performance (e.g. it should not get hot too fast, it shouldn’t make your iPhone run slowly, etc.).

With each of these things in mind, let’s take a look at the screen recorders that we previously mentioned and compare them.

Screen Recorder Comparison

The two screen recorders that we are going to compare is the built-in iOS 11 screen recorder and the iPhone/iPad Recorder program. While both of them let you record your iOS device’s screen, there are a lot of things that you should consider.

First, let’s consider the built-in screen recorder. This recorder doesn’t let you select a video format and because it is a built-in feature, it uses your device’s resources which as a result causes your device to get hot and have low performance. On top of that, all of your recordings are recorded as portrait and are saved directly onto your device. This can make your iOS device’s storage fill up very quickly if you use this feature frequently.

On the other hand, iPhone/iPad Recorder allows you to record your screen in a range of different video formats and because it is a computer program, it doesn’t cause your device to get hot and slow down. The biggest benefit is that all of your recordings are stored on your computer. This program also allows you to record in both portrait and landscape.

As you can see from these comparisons, using a professional tool is the right choice.


There’s no doubting how helpful it can be to use an iOS 11 screen recorder. Programs such as iPhone/iPad Recorder lets you record tutorials and even share your gameplay with friends and family. Another thing that screen recording is helpful for is troubleshooting. If you don’t know how to use a certain feature on your iPhone, your friend is able to record their screen and show you how to use it! There are a lot of different reasons that screen recording is useful so when you’re selecting a method, make sure that you choose a tool that is easy-to-use.

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