How to Use Link2SD App to Increase Internal Storage of Android 2019

Are you looking for Link2SD app step by step tutorial? Then you are jumped to the right place. Today I am back with another guide on how to use Link2SD app to increase internal storage of Android phones.

Well, you might be suffering from low storage of your Android device. Whenever you are trying to install new apps and games, it will show you that your memory is full. I know it’s irritating as I experienced the same thing. 🙂

Well, you don’t need to worry about it as the link2sd app can help you rid out of it. This app can use a partition of your SD card as internal memory, where you can install the apps.


Requirements For Link2SD Tutorial

Before we perform further actions, let’ s have a look at some requirements to expand the inbuilt memory.

  • An Android phone
  • Root access on actionable smartphone
  • SD Card
  • Link2SD App
  • AParted App
  • Internet access to download the required stuff
  • Backup of SD card and internal memory
  • A Cup of coffee (optional) 🙂

You are able to complete all the requirements while rooting Android phones is not an easy task for all. As it can also void your phone’ s warranty and may lead to security concerns.

However, if you don’ t have a rooted Android smartphone sorry my friend this guide isn’ t for you. Still, you are able to root the Android phone without PC and proceed further. Once you have the all required stuff, you need to perform two tasks. 🙂

In the first task we will create partitions on SD card , and secondly, we will link apps to SD card partitions (expanded internal memory).

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How to Use Link2SD App on Android to Expand Internal Storage?

So now you are ready to increase your phone’ s inbuilt memory. Before you start, you have to insert an SD card into your device. Now you have to backup all of the data stored on your Sdcard because we need to format the SD card while proceeding.

You can backup the data by copying it in your PC. Titanium backup app can also come handy in these conditions. Titanium Backup is really a powerful backup tool for Android, it backup everything present on your device including app data, games progress and much more.

This app requires root access to run using your smartphone. Once you have saved the SD card and internal memory let’ s divide your SD card into two parts. 🙂

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        Create a Partition on SD Card

Currently, most the SD cards available in the market have been in FAT32 format . However, FAT32 is a good choice if you are using it on Windows, Mac or as a portable storage device with your smartphone.

But we are going to use it as internal storage, so we need to change its format to ext2 (Linux based file system). Make sure you have inserted SD card with enough size. Let’ s create the partitions on the SD card.


First, you should eject or unmount the SD card on your phone. Go to settings and click on storage , now tap on SD card storage and select eject or unmount press ok to confirm.


Download AParted app from play store. AParted is actually a tool for Android to partition the SD cards. There are many other alternatives available, but I will suggest you stick with AParted as it is best lawn mowers of its area.


Open the app and grant root access and other permissions. Then tap on add button at the very top. Now select the format as fat32 and choose the size that you want to keep for Sdcard storage (not for internal yet). Then tap on the apply button and wait for it to proceed.


Now you have to create the second part to use it as internal storage. Once again click on add and this time you need to pick the format as ext2. After allocating the size apply the changes.


Now you have successfully created two parts of SD card. You can check and verify through settings> storage here you will notice two partitions of Facts.

Note: Make sure you select format FAT32 for part 1 and format EXT2 for part 2. You can even choose other ext formats partly 2, but without proper knowledge, it’ s easier to stick with ext2.

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        How to Use Link2SD App to Move Applications to SD card

Link2SD app is also available as a paid version. Well, the premium version doesn’ t contain adverts and even help us to move app data along with apps. Link2SD app is best for linking apps to SD card.

Lots of other applications available for the same task but those are not as effective as Link2SD. Again let me remind you that Link2SD app does not work without root.

However, if there will be any other no root method available, then I will share it here. Let’ s start this step by step tutorial on how to use Link2SD. 🙂


Download and open the Link2SD app, now grant root permissions to the app. After that select ext2 format as we did earlier. Then reboot your phone, after the device starts open Link2SD again. Now you will find all the apps on your screen.


Navigate to the upper right corner and tap on 3 dots. Then click on the Multi-select option and select every app you want to move to SD card. You can even sort the apps by size to find large size apps.


After selecting the apps again tap on 3 dots in the upper right corner. Then select Move to SD card option, now select all actions and click ok to verify. Wait for few seconds, and your apps will be stored on SD card.


If you would like every new application must certanly be installed on SD card, then go to Link2SD settings and check the auto link option that’ s it. All new apps are going to install on SD card automatically. Recently I have shared PDF To Word Converter App review you can check always it.

Note: I would suggest you do not move system apps to SD card as it can cause some inappropriate issues and some apps may not work properly. Still wondering how to use link2SD app? Then ask your doubts via comments I will reply quickly. 🙂

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Wrapping up

Many users feel complicated to use Link2SD application. After hearing a lot of questions regarding how to use Link2SD app to expand internal storage I have written this tutorial.

Hope you guys have enjoyed it. Make sure to share it along with your friends and family as we always share the things with loving ones which we like. 🙂

If you still have any questions regarding Link2SD tutorial make sure to leave it in the comment box.


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