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Record Your Voice with a Microphone

Nowadays lots of people record their voice for many reasons. Recording yourself speaking is a great way for someone learning a language to assess their faults and improve on their pronunciation and intonation. Music lovers can also record themselves singing and playing instruments to create their own original music. In these cases it is essential which tools can help you with recording your voice, which I’m going to summarize for you in this article.

I personally use three free great tools for recording voice through a microphone. These are Online Audio Recorder, Windows Sound Recorder, and iScream.

The first thing to do when recording your voice is to plug the microphone into the computer through the pink audio jack. If your computer has an internal microphone then you can just use that of course. You can use any of these three tools to record your audio from a microphone for free. Read more about the programs below and choose the right one for you.

Online Audio Recorder

Free Online Audio Recorder

Online Audio Recorder offers user-friendly online solution to recording audio on Windows and Mac. There’s no cost or time limits involved, nor do you need to download, buy, or install any kind of software. It’s a simple Java applet that opens up ready to be used as soon as you load up the tool. You can get started immediately.

Make sure you look through the “Audio Output” options before pressing the record button to ensure the microphone is set as the sound source. Online Audio Recorder can record your system sound as well as sound from your microphone. One great thing about this tool is that you can record both sound from your computer and from your microphone at the same time. This allows you to sing while a track is being played in the background on your computer for example.

The tool will basically record your voice, extractingit as an MP3 file for you to download to your computer. This tool allows you to record directly from your microphone to MP3. If you’re not interested in an MP3 file though, you can choose a different format before recording, or convert the recorded file using an in-built audio converter. You have the option to choosefrom a range of formats including OGG, WMA, ACC, WAV, and – of course – MP3.

Windows Sound Recorder

Windows Sound Recorder

Sound Recorder is a free application that comes packed into the Windows OS, making it the first choice for any Windows user to record audio from their microphone. Just open up your start menu and search for Sound Recorder. Choose the program from the results to open the program ready for recording. If you plan torecord a lot of audio, then I would recommend creating a new folder on your desktop to make it easy to find everything.

The great thing about Sound Recorder is that it no longer limits recording only one minute. On the other hand, it doesn’t guarantee high quality audio. Sometimes your recorded files will be loud or bad quality. In addition, itis only able to save the audio file in WMA format. Even so, it is the convenience and simplicity of this program that has earned its popularityamong itsusers looking for a simple way to record basic sound without having to jump through hoops.



iScream is a freeware for recording audio from the microphone for Mac OS X users. It needs to be downloaded and installed before you can use it. Start recording through the dock icon and press it again to finish the recording. It’s never been easier to save voice recordings. iScream can export files into ACC, MP3, and WAV files.

Windows and Mac users alike can enjoy these three free tools to record audio from their microphone. If you’re using an external microphone then it’s recommended that you use a headset microphone to record your voice, while a studio microphone is best for recording musical instruments.

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