How to Record Screen with Adobe Captivate Screen Recorder

This article talks about the detailed steps to use Adobe Captivate to record your computer screen. Meanwhile, an alternative screen recorder to Adobe Captivate is introduced in case you need some easy but powerful recording programs. Start to get a free trial version of Screen Grabber Pro by clicking the button below.

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adobe screen recorderAre there any Adobe Screen Recorder? Yes! There is a professional recording software called Adobe Captivate which can be utilized for creating information products through recording the activities of your computer system. This is especially perfect when you intend to teach people about how complicated application software are used for instance, such as software used in computer 3D design. The application accomplishes a lot more than just screen capturing. You have the ability to include PowerPoint presentations and also other smart objects in order to make your tutorial or course more interactive.

Adobe Screen Recorder Best Alternative

When it comes to alternative screen recorders, one specifically stands out of the list of the competitors, called the Screen Grabber Pro that shall be considered here as a great alternative option to record your Adobe activity. This tool is a very multifunctional tool that is offering you a multitude of options and functions that you can use to do professional screen recording in a form that is manageable even in case you are a newbie. This tool can be highly personalized to match your exact needs both when it comes to screenshot making or screencast creation. Furthermore, it has a special scheduler integration that enables you to do remote capturing by setting a future time for recording within the scheduler. In case it seems to be the tool that matches you, go more deeply by following the steps below.

Step1 Start setting up the tool

Before anything else you need to have the solution downloaded from the given buttons that you find below, and after that you shall have it installed so that you can afterwards open its interface.

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Step2 Configure the options

When you access the interface inside, you can pick the “Settings” tab and toggle the basic settings for both “Audio” and “Video” options.

toggle settings

Step3 Pick the recording type

Once all is set with the settings, click the down arrow beside the “Record” button and select between the different recording options. “Full Screen” to cover the entire screen, while “Region” allows you to select a specific part of the screen to capture. The “Around mouse” option covers the parts around the mouse pointer, “Web camera” records using the webcam installed and the “Only Audio” option only records the audio.

select recording mode

Step4 Initiate the recording

After doing all these specifications on the options, just initiate the recording and wait until the countdown is over, so that the recording will start instantly, where you can enhance your creation with including annotation and other highlighting functions.

add annotations

Step5 Finish the capturing

When you are finished recording, hit the “Stop” button and the file will be automatically saved after.

stop the recording

Step6 Play the video

To watch the video, play it from the “Preview Panel” by selecting the video and clicking the “Play” button. If you want to locate the file, click the “Open Folder” button.

play the video

Step7 Record the video automatically

Another way to use Screen Grabber Pro is by using it’s Task Scheduler option, which allows you to record your screen even if you are not around. Just click the “Settings” tab and click “Task Scheduler.”

select task scheduler

Step8 Create the task

From the new window that will appear, create a task schedule by setting up the “Start time” and the “Duration” of the recording and click “Create” and you are all set.

create the scheduled task

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How to Use Adobe Captivate to Record Screen

The software comes along with many features focused on users that have a bit more advanced skills on this field. However, for beginners you’ll be able to learn how the computer screen can be captured as well.

Step1 Activate the record mode

The moment you open Adobe Captivate, select the “Video Demo” option from the home screen to start.

launch video demo maker

Step2 Choose the region for recording

From the window that will appear, select the “Screen Area” option and select the recording mode. Custom allows you to select record a particular area of your screen which is customized. It can be that you either select from the preset lists available or you can decide to create your own custom design. “Full screen” on the other hand, allows you to record the whole screen.

select screen mode

Step3 Choose the recording mode

When you desire that the window should follow your motions on your mouse, you ought to permit “Panning.” Else, you’ll only record the very screen you’re you set it to begin. You’ll be able to carry out your recording from the audio of the system or a microphone. Remember that it’s preferable that you use the system audio when recording video from the net. When recording maybe a chat, then you have to enable both the system audio and the microphone.

set audio source

Step4 Begin your recording

Just click on the button titled “Record” to begin your recording process.

start recording process

Step5 Finish the recording

Hit the “End” key on the keyboard to stop the recording. In case you’re making use of Mac, press the “Command + Enter” to finish recording the video. The video which you’ve recorded will be in preview mode play back. There’s also an options for you to publish the video on the net, or store it to your hard drive. You’ll also be able to adjust the video even before you publish it or store/save it.

end the recording process

Icecream Screen Recorder

Another great alternative to Adobe Captiveat to record screen activities is Icecream Screen Recorder. This tool offers seamless and smooth recording experience. Although there are drawbacks on its free version, which only allows you to record a maximum of only 3 minutes. However, the quality of the video is not compromised with this limitation. If this tool peaked your interest, here are the tools.

Step1 Get the installer

To download the installer of Icecream Screen Recorder, click this link and run it on your PC.

download the progran

Step2 Launch the tool

After installation, launch the tool and on the home scree, click the “Capture Video” option.

capture video

Step3 Start recording process

Set the frame to fit the region that you want to cover and click the “Record” button.

click the record button

Step4 Make notes while recording

When the recording starts, you can add other things like annotations to the video while its in progress. Just click the “Draw” button on the toolbar.

draw annotations

Step5 End the recording

The “Stop” button on the toolbar is used to end the recording process and save the video as well. Click it whenever you are ready to end the recording.

stop the recording

Step6 View the video

The video will appear on the “Play panel” of the tool, there, you can watch the video you just recorded.

play the video


As you can see many screen recording possibilities are available to record your Adobe session, where the tools have a large variety of functions and features, that need preliminary understanding so that you won’t make any wrong decision when it comes to choosing one. In case you wish to save some time with this and you go for highly useful tool, we recommend you the AceThinker solution that will sure meet your needs on the recording field.

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