How to Easily Recover Data from External Hard Drive

recover files from external hard drive All of my important files are backed up to an external hard drive. During a recent computer crash, I was prompted to reformat, at which time I decided to use some files from my external hard drive. Imagine my surprise when I could not access what I needed. I was being prompted to reformat the drive, and no amount of restarting could change that. I eventually reformatted and have now lost all my important files. Is there any way I can recover them?

There are a number of reasons why your computer might recommend that you reformat your external hard drive. Issues such as power outages, viruses, or a sudden disconnection can all lead to a reformat, which may in turn lead to important files being lost. If you have been placed in a situation where files have been lost during reformatting, there are applications out there that can help you recover them. Listed below are two such applications.

PC Inspector File Recovery (Freeware)

pc inspector data recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery is a free application that you can use to recover files from an external hard drive. At just 586 kb, this is a program that is not going to take up a lot of space on your computer. This great little application works with both internal and external drives, and does a great job of locating files that have been accidentally deleted or lost during reformatting. It will even find files on drives that are not shown on the list of detected drives.

Before you begin searching for lost files, save everything on your hard drive so that the missing files are not overwritten. If you skip this step, you might find it impossible to recover those lost files. Once that is done, connect your external hard drive to your PC and run the application. PC Inspector File Recovery will run a scan, after which you can save any and all recovered files.

This is a free application, which means that it does come with a few little drawbacks. If you own a Mac, this software will not work, as it only supports Windows PC’s. It is also unable to recover all lost files, so you may not get back all the important files that you lost. Another drawback is that it installs third-party apps during set-up, and while they can all be removed, you can lose track of what is on your PC if you are not paying attention during the set-up.

Disk Recovery – Powerful External Hard Drive Recovery Tool

acethinker disk recovery

AceThinker recommends using Data Recovery for getting back your lost files. It will cost you a little money, but you can bet that it will find all your important files a reformatted drive. The program is really user-friendly, and you will be able to run it even if you have no experience with this type of software. It supports the recovery of many different file formats, making it possible to recover all sorts of lost files.

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This application comes with a pair of recovery modes: wizard mode and standard mode. If you need some help with your file recovery, wizard mode is the way to go. You will be required to answer a couple of simple questions in this mode prior to the file scan. More precise results are delivered in standard mode, as you can choose from 5 different recovery options. You can also preview files before restoring them, just to ensure that the files are as they should be.


When looking at how both programs work, we believe that Data Recovery is your best option for recovering lost or deleted files on your external drive. PC Inspector File Recovery is a good free option, but it simply won’t find all the files you lost.

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