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Step1 Download and Install the app

First, download the application using the shortcut button below. Choose the right platform of your computer then install the application by following the setup wizard until it is launched.

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Step2 Download videos manually

There are two ways to download videos using this tool. The first one is the manual way by copying and pasting the URL. Visit any streaming site and look at the video you want to download. Next, copy the link from the address bar then go to “Download” tab. Click the “Paste URL” button to add it to the download queue. In no time, the video will be downloaded.

VK copy and paste the video link

Step3 Download videos automatically

The other way is by using the automatic detection.  This time go to “Detect” tab. Use the built-in browser to search for the site where you want to get videos from. By default, the “Detector” is on upon installation.  In any case that it is not enabled, locate it by looking at the bottom left side of the interface and click it to turn it on. Once the tool recognized that there is a media being played, the tool automatically downloads it. Soon the file will appear on the download queue.  If you want to download multiple videos, and then just keep on streaming videos you like.

Step4 Check download progress

To see if the video is added to the download tab, switch tabs from “Detect” to “Download.” From there you will see, which is being downloaded. Also you can only download 20 videos simultaneously, if you have pending videos it will be there without any progress. It will resume once the first 20 videos are finished.  Furthermore, you can see the percentage of the completed download here.

Step5 Check acquired video

Once the video download is complete, under the same tab, click on “Completed.” From there a list of downloaded video will appear. To play the video use your mouse to double-click the file or right-click on your mouse and choose play.

How to Download Tumblr Video from leviathan111 on Vimeo.

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