Download SuperBeam for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop (Official)

SuperBeam for PERSONAL COMPUTER is now a thing. So in case you want to transfer files to and through PC, together with an} option for of which over at SuperBeam growth team. So if you really are a long moment SuperBeam app user about your mobile, you ought to love this feature like well.

download superbeam for pc

The SuperBeam app provides been in the popular for quite some time now. It’s been attempting to play catch up with the likes of Shareit , Zapya , plus Xender software . But the {thing} is|now}, The SuperBeam app is a paid application. You can only use it for free yet for a limited time only. Thus that should basically entail that the SuperBeam will be mostly for the corporate or individuals that are really willing to pay extra for the great functions that it offers.

Aside from the price subject, the SuperBeam is {really a file|is genuinely a document|is actually a record|is actually a file|is actually a document|is actually a record} sharing app that will be worth looking at. It utilizes the entire important mediums for file exchange plus the NFC characteristic of the device. That means whenever everything else neglects, you have an additional choice to conduct the file sharing. In addition to taking into consideration the rate of NFC file move, it should be a nice addition to what it can carry out.

There have got been reports that the SuperBeam can transfer data files up to 60Mbps through WiFi Direct technology. But as very good as our experience, we only got around 20Mbps. Although that is not as much as the particular former reported maximum capability, that is still a huge margin compared to be able to other popular file posting app.

So when you want to knowledge the speed that SuperBeam for PC is bragging about, might recommend|I propose} that you try out the software. And in that regard, we will to|you will} help you on how to down load and install SuperBeam regarding.


  • 1 Download SuperBeam for COMPUTER
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  • 2 How to Find for PERSONAL COMPUTER
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Down load SuperBeam for PC

Name SuperBeam 1. 2. 0
Dimension 4 MB
Requirement Windows 7/8/10
Author LiveQoS

Download SuperBeam

Download SuperBeam APK

Important Reminder:

Installing only the SuperBeam   app will never run on Windows COMPUTER. have got to|You should} read the particular full instruction exactly how to|in order to|approach} correctly install the file about any Windows machine.

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How to Download in addition to Install for COMPUTER

Using Executable File

  1. {The your} first thing|The very first thing|First thing} to perform is to get a great installer from the SuperBeam official website. You may possibly open a new tabs and visit the recognized website. You can pick up a copy of their installer or even you may use typically the download button that all of us provided which is the portable version.
  2. The file is comparatively small therefore the download should complete in a few secs. If the download finishes, double-click on the record to launch it.
  3. If you choose the lightweight version, the SuperBeam windows will pop up. The particular portable version is dependent on a Java programming tool means that this|and this} should end up being light on the system’s resources.
  4. On the SuperBeam window, you can pick whether to send or even receive a file.
  5. an individual choose to|If you choose to|If you} send a new file, click on the particular Send button. Before you can send, may need to|you will experience to|you need to} make sure that both products on either end should be on the exact same network.
  6. Any time the connection establishes, proceed to the file {that which start you want|that you would certainly like|you want} to send and drag and drop it to the SuperBeam window.
  7. Now, on the receiving system, open the SuperBeam app and choose whether to be able to use QR code or even use a Sharing Key. may likely} initialize the transfer.
  8. On your phone, choose where you want the record to save. Press Choose and commence the transfer.

Using Google android Emulator

  1. If you carry out not want to use the executable file associated with SuperBeam for PC or even you are having issues with the particular connection, you may go for this alternative.
  2. Get a good Android emulator like BlueStacks . An individual may visit its recognized website to get the copy from the installer or use the download link under. That is also a direct download so you will still acquire the latest version {of} the|from the|in the} BlueStacks available.
  3. Take note that the Android emulator installer would be about 400MB in size. So if you have the slow internet connection, this might take a little longer you want to. If you would like, use a download booster like the Internet Get Manager (IDM version 6) . the truebeam|the} system} will|This can|This will likely} accelerate the download as much as 5 times faster.
  4. As soon as the particular download finishes, double-click on the installer to begin the installation.
  5. Pick a folder where you need the BlueStacks to acquire saved.
  6. Any time the installation finishes, doubleclick on the desktop image in the BlueStacks app.
  7. Expect a short training and guidance on exactly how to use the emulator’s control properly. Try to be able to remember most of it if not all so you will not possess a hard time determining the settings for later.
  8. Now leave the BlueStacks open for a moment and download the SuperBeam APK from the get button we prepared for you.
  9. Typically the file is small, therefore it should be finished in a few seconds.
  10. Double-click on the APK file or drag it and fall on the BlueStacks major window to automatically mount the app.
  11. Find the SuperBeam symbol within the emulator’s main window in addition to click on it in order to run.
  12. You may now start the file transfer. Just stick to the on-screen instruction, and the you will|and you may|and you should} do only fine.

Download BlueStacks Specialist

Features of SuperBeam

  • Experience blazing-fast transfer rate especially when employ the|you employ the} WiFi Direct.
  • Very easily pair devices using NFC, QR code, and Discussing Key.
  • Quick pairing as soon because the devices involved are usually connected to the equivalent network.
  • Works with sharing any type regarding files from music, video clips, documents, APKs, zip data files, and even folders.
  • Able to send out and receive a solitary file or multiple files at the same time. Even sending and receiving folders is also an available option.
  • View history of just about all transfer operations which means you may find out if somebody just realized a new transfer without your knowledge.
  • Contemporary material design to create it look more in line with Google’s current design implementation.
  • Customize the whole look of the user-interface together with different themes available inside the settings area.
  • Automatically switches coming from WiFi Direct to a new hotspot if the additional device does not assistance it.
  • {Free to|Liberated to|Liberal to} use as a trial regarding 14 days.

In Conclusion

The SuperBeam for PC will be a good option regarding transferring files on the whim anytime and anywhere. It is reliable plus fast. That is not really something we can’t deny about this kind associated with peer to peer app. But there is usually always a downside in order to everything that is very good. Current SuperBeam’s situation, it is usually the truth that|undeniable fact that} this is not offered regarding free.

Pretty much speaking, are usually unable to|you can not} really choose SuperBeam once you know that Shareit and Xender app are present. Those two are likewise an excellent choice, as well as they|plus they|and they also} can pretty much do the actual SuperBeam can do. Maybe SuperBeam for PC is usually better at some features compared to the competition. But those functions are not enough to be able to pay for it. At least that is as far as we can point out about this.

Anyway, all those thoughts are just based on our experience together with the SuperBeam for COMPUTER. In your experience, why do you think the particular SuperBeam is most effective to be able to your needs? Tell us your thoughts because we would love to know your opinions.

For burning questions that you need us to answer or perhaps the other people which crunch when {a potential start are|which are|which can be} reading this article, really feel free to leave your message in the opinion section. We will solution them as soon as we can.

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