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Usually, when downloading videos from the internet, most of the files are generally in FLV format as it is one of the most popular video file formats. With the popularity and the availability of the Adobe Flash Plug-in, FLV format became a widely used video format on the web. With the recent advances in technology and the Flash plug-in, the FLV format is starting to lose its popularity as other video formats like MP4 are smaller in size compared to FLV files and are also more compatible to most players and mobile devices.

Because of this reason, people have started to look for FLV converters to convert the downloaded files to view the videos on their desktop and mobile phones. So let’s look at the various FLV converters available on the market and how they help you convert FLV files:

1. Online FLV Video Converter – AceThinker Online Converter

If you want to convert FLV files on the go and don’t want to download more programs on your computer then you have the option to convert files online. There are many online FLV video converters available and one among them one of the most popular FLV video converter is the AceThinker Online Converter. Converting FLV files is simple as you can have your files converted in just 3 simple steps. You don’t need to download a 100 MB application to convert just a small 5 MB FLV file and increase the number of applications installed on your system. There are also many converter applications around that you will never know which one will come with a virus included within the application. So it is always better to use an online converter such as this tool.

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Convert Your FLV in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Upload File: The first step in converting your FLV file online is to upload it on the official AceThinker website. Click on the ‘Select Files to Start” button to start uploading your FLV file.

2. Choose Output Format: Now when the file gets uploaded, you have to choose the output video format from the presets available for mobile devices like mp4, 3gp etc. With the AceThinker Video Converter, you not only end up converting the FLV file to other formats but also have the option to convert the video files by cropping or trimming the video, adding watermarks or adding special video effects to create your own movie online.

3. Convert and Save Video: Now just hit the “Convert” button to start converting and save the converted video to your computer.

2. Best Desktop FLV Converter – AceThinker Video Convert Master

If you are searching for the best FLV converter for your Mac or Windows system, then your search probably ends with AceThinker Video Master. This is one of the most popular and widely used video converters to convert all kinds of video formats easily and quickly. Want to convert HD videos, no worries, as the AceThinker Video Convert Master is up to the task to convert your HD videos without any quality loss. In addition, the features of the AceThinker Video Master don’t end there as you can also customize your videos to create your favorite video to be shared with your friends and family. You can even download videos directly from any online sites.

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How to Convert Videos with AceThinker Video Convert Master

Converting videos with the AceThinker Video Convert Master is pretty much simple with its easy to use interface and simple and straightforward options to convert, edit or download videos. Let’s see how to convert videos with the AceThinker Video Master:

1. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the AceThinker Video Master, open the application. You’ll notice the user interface is pretty clean and simple with all options available to convert, record or download videos easily.

2. Now to convert videos, click on “Add Files” to choose a single file or a group of video files to convert. You can either browse or drag and drop from your windows explorer onto the application window master add

3. Now choose the format you need to convert. You also have the option to configure settings like choosing the required codec, bit rate, frame rate and master format

4. You also have a preview window on the right to view your videos before converting. Once you are satisfied, click on “Convert” to start the conversion process.

3. Free FLV Converter – HandBrake

When it comes to free FLV converters, you cannot ignore Handbrake. This is another popular FLV converter which is available for free. With Handbrake, you can convert almost any kind of video formats to the most widely used video format type available. One of the highlights of Handbrake’s Free FLV converter is that it supports Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. This open source video converter is now one of the most popular video converter tools with a lot of features including various video editing options and tools to adjust the splicing, frame rate and also to add subtitles and special video effects to your video. It is used by many to convert FLV files to play the videos on a diverse range of popular devices like iPhone, iPod and Android mobile phones and tablets.


4. All in One FLV Downloader and Converter

If you are thinking of downloading an all-in-one application that not only helps you download FLV files, but also helps you convert the FLV files into all major video formats, then AceThinker Video Keeper is the best software for you. This video downloader and converter allows you to download videos from many popular video sites such as; YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Break, VEVO and more. You can download SD, HD or even 4K videos with the AceThinker Video Keeper software. You can also save TV shows, movies, how-to guides, tutorials as well asyour favorite music videos easily and quickly with AceThinker Video Keeper. You can download an entire playlist from YouTube with just a single click which is a great feature.

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FLV Converters Review Conclusion:

FLV converters are available in various ways as you can use either the online FLV converter to convert your files on the go or download a free FLV converter  to convert offline as many files you need. Also available are programs that both download and instantly convert FLV files into the desired format. Simply choose one that meets your needs and suits you the most.

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