Best Video Downloader for iPhone with Explicit User Guide

download 8k videoWith such a spotless performance and smooth function, iPhone takes a large portion of the smartphone market share. Nowadays, smartphone goes beyond its usual functions like telephoning or messaging as it features other capacities like listening to tracks, browsing the web, watching videos, playing games, gambling, taking and editing pics, and much more. Due to the fact that you can carry iPhone easily with you everywhere, you can watch videos and do other things on the go. There are virtually thousands of videos listed on iTunes shop, however, many of these charge users with a downloading fee. If you wish to download some videos for free, check out the sections that follow for trusty solutions.

Expert way to download iPhone videos

You can download videos to your iPhone device using the Video Keeper, which supports multiple video platforms such as YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. This tool is useful for obtaining web-based video streams of high resolution and forward downloaded files and data to your iPhone device (in the download section). It’s very easy and practical to do this. Additionally, it is also packed with a video detector feature which can automatically locate the online video and add it to the list of downloads. The extra features of video conversion and screen recording make the use of this tool even more valuable. Here are the steps to use this downloader tool:

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Step1 Install video downloader and grab video

Download and set-up this iPhone video downloader on your device and then click to open this. Go to the page of your target video and click to copy its corresponding URL. Open up the program and press on the “Paste URL” icon.

paste the video link

Step2 Import video to your iPhone device

Head to the “Completed” section, once the downloading process is over. Right click your target media file and then select the option “Add to iTunes”.

vk play the video

Step3 Extra tips: download video automatically

To easily save the downloaded video to your iPhone, you can take advantage of the video detector which locates and downloads videos automatically. Search for and select the “Enable detector” option that appears on the bottom of the screen. Once you do this, the tool will detect and download videos directly.

Vk turn on detector

Step4 Utilize biult-in recorder

For some types of videos that are encrypted using unique protocols, it is suggested to use a video recorder. Since this video downloading platform already has this feature, you can flawlessly record all screen activity with audio.

recorded video

Step5 Utilize video editor and conversion tool

It is possible to do a host of other tasks using the video converting tool. This supports several file formats for converting and editing tasks such as adding headlines, cutting, cropping, adjusting resolution and screen color modes, adding watermarks, etc.

video keeper converter

Robust app to export videos in iPhone

Once done with downloaded a video, you can export it to your iPhone device using this special online application: Airmore. This is aimed at transferring info between the smartphone device and your P.C. Access this application first through your iPhone and scan the given QR code that appears on the website to link your iPhone with the P.C. Head to the “Videos” section and press on “Import”-Import Files to navigate the downloaded video. Click on this button to start downloading the Airmore app.

airmore import video to iPhone

Smartphone Apps For Downloading Videos on iPhone Directly

You can absolutely do this task straight from your iPhone. Here are some available apps that will help.

A. Document 5

Document 5 is a well-known application that you can utilize to keep track of your files, read PDFs and stream media formats on your iPhone. It also allows you to browse the net using the app and read, watch or download media files in your P.C. Additionally, it comes with a handy feature that lets you download videos from YouTube to your iPhone. Here is how to use this app, step-by-step.

app - document manager

  • Click to Download Document 5 app on your iPhone device.
  • Open up the program and the browser by clicking on the Safari icon.
  • Head to this link:
  • Return to the Home page and click on the YouTube app.
  • Copy the URL of the video you want to download.
  • Switch Back to Document 5 and paste the copied URL and then click the option “Blue Go”.
  • Find the Drop down menu where you can see the green “Download” icon.
  • Pick your desired format and then begin the downloading process.
  • Drag and drop the video file to your camera roll after the download is complete.

B. Myvid Video Downloader

Another alternative video file downloader you can use is Myvid Video. This program lets you view online videos and flash video files through your iPhone. This app also comes with useful features like sharing a video with via email and social media. The fact that it boasts a very user-friendly layout, makes its usage a breeze. Here are the steps to download and use it.

steps of streaming video with MyVidster

  • Install the app first on your smartphone and then click on it to open.
  • Look up for a video that you desire to download using the search field.
  • Copy and paste the corresponding URL video on address field and hit “Save”.
  • Rename the video file and create a new password (optional) for that specific video. That’s it- the downloading process will get initiated.


All of these apps can assist you to download video content on your iPhone 6 to iPhone X devices. When we compare these altogether, Video Keeper performs the best as it supports numerous video platforms and comes with a wide range of great features.

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