Best 3 Solutions to Record Screen on iPhone 8

record iphone 8 screenAre you unable to find a suitable method to record screen on iPhone 8? We will be showing you some of the best ways that you can get the job done.

The iPhone 8, the most recent iPhone model, has gained quick popularity since Apple have announced its release. Along with the iPhone X, there are a lot of features which we didn’t expect to see in the iPhone 8 although nonetheless, a lot of these features are worth getting excited about.

Some of the features that we have seen Apple implement is the face-detection feature, the home button removal, a high-quality camera, and of course, an improved battery. Apple have also finally introduced the concept of screen recording and with iOS 11, it’s finally a possibility. That being said, there are several different options for screen recording that you can choose from.

Using the Built-in iOS Screen Recorder

Built-in iOS screen recorder

After updating to iOS 11 you will not only be able to record your iPhone 8 screen but you will also get access to a lot of new iOS features. Some of these features include:

  • – an AR platform
  • – iPhone-to-iPhone payments
  • – new and improved Siri
  • – improved keyboard and keyboard shortcuts

To top it off, screen recording without having to jailbreak your Phone! It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find, but to use the built-in iPhone 8 screen recorder simply launch the “Settings” app, tap on “Control Centre”, and tap on “Customise”. From here, simply add “Screen Recording” and you’ll be able to access it through the Control Centre from that point onwards.

record iphone 8 on ios 11

While this might seem like the easiest way to record screen on iPhone 8 given that it is built into your iPhone, there are a few negative points to consider.

  • – you can only record your iPhone screen portrait, not landscape
  • – your iPhone’s battery will die very quickly
  • – the screen recorder only records microphone audio, not system audio
  • – all recordings are stored on your iPhone which will quickly fill up your storage
  • – a recording bar is shown at the top of your display throughout the entire recording
  • – your iPhone will get very hot over a short period of time

Although it might be convenient, using the iOS 11 built-in screen recorder isn’t the optimal choice. That’s why we suggest that you use one of the other tools that we are going to show you.

Using the AceThinker iPhone/iPad Screen Recorder

iphone screen recorder

By using the iOS Screen Recorder from AceThinker, you are getting access to a high-quality product which allows you to record your iPhone 8 screen and use your computer’s resources instead of the iPhone’s resources. Music, videos, pictures – you can stream it all to your computer with it.

Another benefit to this program is that most similar programs will require you to have your iPhone connected with a lightning cable but in this case, you use AirPlay; thus, connecting your iPhone 8 wirelessly.

When it comes to recording your screen, you will receive a high-definition recording afterwards. On top of that, you can record your microphone audio as well as your system audio which allows you to create the best possible recording. You can download the right version and follow the steps below to record screen on iPhone 8.

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Step1 Change Settings if Needed

Start by making sure that AceThinker iPhone/iPad Screen Recorder is installed on your computer and that both your iPhone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Once you have the program open, click on the three lines to view the menu and click on “Options”. From here, alter the settings for your video recordings (e.g. the video format, quality, or frame rate). You can also change the audio settings from here too.

iphone screen recorder settings

Step2 Record the Screen of iPhone 8 on Computer

On your iPhone, swipe upwards to reveal the Control Centre, tap on the “Screen Mirroring” feature, and select the option that is shown. You should now be able to view your iPhone’s display from your computer. Click on the red recording button to begin recording your display.

record iphone/ipad screen

Step3 Stop and Save the Recording

After you are finished recording click on the “Stop” button and the recording will be saved on your computer.

This is undoubtedly the best method to record screen on iPhone as it puts minimal stress on your iPhone.

Other iPhone 8 Screen Recorder Options

#1 – Display Recorder

display recorder

Display Recorder was one of the first iOS apps that was released that allowed you to record an iPhone’s screen. However, you have to jailbreak your iPhone and use the Cydia app to download it. Once it’s downloaded and installed, all you have to do is launch it, tap on “Record” to begin recording your device’s screen, and tap on “Stop” to finish.

#2 – Vidyo

Vidyo Screen Recorder for iOS

Another option to record screen on iPhone 8 is Vidyo and like Display Recorder, it can’t be downloaded through the Apple App Store. After downloading the app, you must download an app called the “Cydia Impacter” to have it installed.

This app works in a very different way and simulates an AirPlay connection from your device, to your device. To start recording, swipe up to reveal the Control Centre, tap on “AirPlay”, and select “Vidyo” from the menu. Your screen will be recorded until you turn AirPlay off. You can find all of your Vidyo recordings in your gallery.


We have shown you how to record screen on iPhone 8 using a range of different tools and for the most part, iOS users are likely to use the built-in iOS screen recorder due to its convenience. That being said, there are drawbacks to this (such as only recording portrait recordings and not recording system sounds).

As for Vidyo and Display Recorder, both of these apps store your recordings on your iPhone (filling up your storage), require you to jailbreak your iPhone, and will make your battery run out rapidly.

Our recommendation is that you use AceThinker iPhone/iPad Recorder as it doesn’t use your iPhone’s resources, saves all of the recordings to your computer’s storage space, and allows you to record your microphone as well as the iPhone’s system sounds. Given that your iPhone’s resources aren’t used, you won’t experience any lag either!

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