Beneficial Guide on How to Watch YouTube on Roku

watch youtube on rokuDigital play box is gradually taking over the way we access videos, games, and music on TV. Chromecast and AppleTV are some of the existing options users have access to in the world today. But in recent times, Roku has emerged as a widely popular Digital Play Box. There are more channels added to it frequently, and this is giving users more options on what to watch. Previously, YouTube channel was a no-go area on Roku, but with the recent updates, YouTube is now accessible on Roku, which means Roku users now have even more access to more video content. So, we’ve created this extensive guide to show you how you can watch YouTube on Roku. Just check it out and start enjoy YouTube videos and movies on Roku!

Ways to Access YouTube on Roku

Step1 Connecting Roku to smart TV

Connect Roku player to your smart TV, and connect to a Wi-Fi network. After that, fill in your Roku login details.

roku connect internet login image

Step2 Search and add YouTube to Roku

Search for YouTube, and add it to your Roku Channel.

roku add channel image

Step3 Select and watch YouTube

Select YouTube, and watch your video content.

roku watch youtube image

Connect Roku to Your YouTube Account

Select “Sign In” on Roku after which you would be given an 8-alphanumeric code that you have to remember. Then proceed to on your Personal Computer. Enter the 8-alphanumeric code given to you by Roku, and just like that, you have linked your account with Roku. You now have access to YouTube on Roku.

roku sign in image

Pair Your Other Devices with Roku for a Better Experience

It is not just your YouTube account that you can link to Roku, there is also the option of pairing your devices as well. With this pairing option, you can send video directly to your TV, and also get subscribed channels through your portable devices. Pairing is easy, and all you need do is choose “Pair Device” on Roku, and you will be provided with a code. Head over to and input the code. With that, your phone will be connected to Roku. You can use your mobile Device to control what you YouTube content you watch on Roku.

roku sign in scan image

Hints for Roku Users

If you are still utilizing Roku 1/2/2HD versions, you will realize that YouTube doesn’t work as smoothly higher versions. Fortunately, there is an application called Twonky that assist you in getting YouTube fluently. A word of warning, Twonky is a charged service, so you have to pay before utilizing it. Add Twonky on Roku, and then add the YouTube channel, and then you are good to go.

roku twonky image

Chromecast and Roku Comparison

Let’s see how Chromecast and Roku compare to each other. Firstly, Chrome comes in the form of a Dongle that sticks into the TV while Roku is like a box set. In terms of processor, what Roku has is a dual-core processor, while that of Chromecast is a single-core processor. In terms of similarities, you can access YouTube channel on both. In terms of price, Chromecast provides a cheaper alternative than Roku. So, make the choice that fits your preference. You also have the option of downloading all your favorite YouTube videos and watch them on your mobile device and PC.

roku chromecast image

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