8 Best Free Media Players Online

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Free Media Players

There is a multitude of great mass media players on the web and many of them usually are free. Downloading and putting in the best free press players is extremely basic. Since we know your current time is precious, we’ve created a list of the most notable media players on the internet.

This will prevent you from having to down load and install a lot of different free press players to find good media players worth keeping. Under, you will find movie players for Windows computers, Linux, and Mac. Take the time to read our short information so that you could find the best method to play free films of all kinds. Enjoy!

  • VLC
  • MPC-HC
  • DivX
  • AIMP2
  • Gomlab
  • KMPlayer
  • MPlayerX
  • RealPlayer



The VLC press player is one that will outshines all the other people. This free media gamer for pc, Ubuntu, Google android, and Mac is total and found among the most strong additions to our checklist. VLC is able in order to play almost all file formats and includes the most important codecs, allowing you to have a seamless movie watching experience.

This free open resource media player can be utilized cross-platform to play files, disks, portable devices, and streaming protocols across your network. VLC can play all of the audio files imaginable too. There isn’t anything much better than VLC.

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The following is one more good media player really worth discovering. This free mp4 player is very strong, it decodes virtually all known file types plus the best part concerning MPC-HC is that will be very lightweight. With the easy to use interface MPC-HC deserves our attention.

In addition to every thing mentioned above, you can mount it in French, producing it one of the best HD media participant options online. Due to the fact that this video player software is available sources, you can system and alter all your own video and audio files to your liking. MPC-HC only works with Windows.

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Divx is also a totally free media player and is usually also one of the biggest online. Whether you want to watch a new downloaded movie online or watch small videos produced from your own products, you’ ll have the lot of fun with this free online press player.

In addition to possessing a really nice interface, Divx facilitates virtually all formats. Divx offered and installed upon your computer, your pill, or your mobile phone. This free video gamer software can play AVI, MKV, and other superior quality formats. DivX is a favorite software for many who want to watch new Hollywood movies.

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Aimp2 is an excellent free audio player. This addition to our own list can convert data from one format in order to another quite easily. AIMP2 is exclusive for audio data files, you cannot watch movies with this particular free media player software.

Aimp2 allows you to do a lot of things. With this software, you can convert, document, edit your skins, and you will download a ton of other tools for totally free. It has a complete equalizer as well because several options that will not depart you indifferent. Discover Aimp2 right now as one of the best totally free media players online.

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In case you want a good media player that is usually compatible with most sound and video formats, Gomlab is one of the best options obtainable. It has a very pleasant interface and is usually extremely easy to employ. Gomlab, with its numerous functions like being able to take screenshots, and the particular ability to download sound and video codecs, create it one of the best free media players online.

The Gomlab creators take great pride in their product. A person will find a ton of updates with this specific software that improve every single crook and corner regarding it.

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KMPlayer is 1 of the easiest press players you will ever have the pleasure associated with using. This freeware facilitates more than 35 various languages and has a lot more than 300 million customers worldwide. Also, in spite of its simplicity, more experienced customers will have the pleasure of actually finding many advanced functions.

KMPlayer can also be attached to practically any platform including PC in addition to Mac devices. This light audio and video gamer is highly customizable, lighting on resources and it also facilitates a huge amount regarding audio and video types.

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MPlayerX is also a great media player that cannot be missed out on. MPlayerx is very easy to use and you will find many functions that are available for beginners and more advanced users. Whether it’ s MKV format files or such a thing else, MPlayerX will have no problem opening them in the blink of an eye. This freeware runs cleanly and smoothly. Armed to handle a ton of formats, MPlayerX doesn’t require any extra codecs or plugins.

This free media player can handle such a thing you throw at it, in any format. MPlayerX is a triple threat, it’s powerful, beautiful, and simple. This media player is one be sure you00 try if you’re looking for a new way to play your favorite content.

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We can not finish this list without including RealPlayer. One of the best free media player options is one of the oldest on the market and has passed through time beautifully. This freeware is easy to use, excellent multitude of functions that will amuse you and make you spend very good moments enjoying the best movies and videos on your computer.

With RealPlayer, you can watch just about any format imaginable, keep your files directly in the player for easy access, and sync your saves and favorites across all of your devices in a flash.

RealPlayer is fantastic with MP3 files, MP4 files, QuickTime files and Windows Media Files. This free software also has its private label of formats which can be called RealAudio and RealVideo. RealPlayer can be used on your Windows pc, all your iOS devices, with Linux, Unix, Palm OS, and Symbian versions have been released.

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