3 Ways to Use iPhone as Webcam

Use iPhone as WebcamThere could be a situation that you need to look out something in your house because you are afar. There could also be a situation that you are wondering what is happening in your home.  Moreover, there are times that when you’re abroad, you want to talk see the faces of your family. In these cases, you will need a web camera. However, there are times that webcams are not available because they might be under repair or buying and installing high quality webcam is expensive to avail. So why don’t you use iPhone as webcam. You can also use iPad if you want to, but it is best to use old iPhone/iPad so at least they will be permanently placed in the area that you want to observe.

Use iPhone as Web Camera with iPhone Screen Recorder

iphone screen recorder

iPhone Screen Recorder is an app that allows you to mirror and record the screen of your iPhone on your personal computer. This app allows you to connect wirelessly and record high quality recordings effortlessly. Furthermore, you can record what your camera can see inside your house through it. Then just check it when you get back. Since you can connect it wirelessly through your pc you can start and stop the recordings without touching your iPhone device. What is so impressive with this application is that your phone storage is not affected because the recorded file is automatically saved in your personal computer. With this, you can compile your daily recordings and review them whenever you have a free time.

Here are the steps on how to use this tool as a webcam.

Step1 Install the app on PC

Download and install the app on your personal computer, then launch the AceThinker iPhone Screen Recorder in your computer.

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Step2 Connect iPhone on computer

Connect your computer and iOS device with same Wi-Fi Connection. After that, swipe up menu to reveal Control Center. Tap on “Screen Mirroring” and then choose your computer’s name from the available connections that will appear. Your device will then be mirrored on your computer.

connect via airplay

Step3 Open iPhone camera and record

Open your camera to use iPhone camera on pc and place your phone in the place you want to check on while you’re away. Next, click the red button on the app to start recording. Click it again to stop. The recorded file will then automatically be saved on your computer.

Use WebCamera to Turn iPhone as Webcam


The second tool is called WebCamera. It is an iOS app that allows you to make your iOS device function as a web cam. You can use this app as substitute in case you don’t have a web cam. However you need to purchase this app at $4.99. Here are the steps on how to use this tool as a webcam.

  • Install the app on your iOS device from the AppStore.
  • Download the WebCamera client and have it install on your desktop computer.
  • Open the app and connect your iPhone via WiFi connection.
  • After connecting you may use iPad camera as webcam in the apps like Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Hangouts, and other messaging apps.

Utilize EpocCam WiFi Virtual Webcam

EpocCam WiFi Virtual Webcam

The last tool is the Epocam WiFi Virtual webcam. It lets your iPhone function as wireless high definition desktop webcam. It allows the user to automatically save their recordings directly to any Mac or Windows operated system.

Here are the steps on how to use this tool as a webcam.

  • Install the app on your iOS device and in your computer.
  • Connect your iPhone and Computer using WiFi connection with the same network.
  • Open the app in your computer and click the “Tools button”.
  • Press Ctrl+ O or click the “Option button” in your computer.
  • Click the “Webcam radio button” in your computer then select “EpocCam”.


The apps recommended above are the best in terms of using your iOS devices as webcam. These apps will provide great quality recordings and convenience in your daily lives. Aside from that, they are all good to use iPhone as webcam Skype or other messaging apps. The WebCamera is a good tool in terms of when using messaging apps like Skype. While the EpocCam requires the user to record in high definition mode and advisable for Mac and Windows operated systems. However, I highly recommend the Ace thinker iPhone Screen Recorder because among the other apps this is the most user friendly and it can be used as a security camera, web camera, or a camera to do video streaming. Aside from that it has especial functions like capturing screen shots, or a recorder for live broadcastings.

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