10 Best Sites Like Humble Bundle

Sites Like Humble Bundle: We are back again guys with another interesting and special article offering the list of top 10 best Sites like Humble Bundle. If you love to donate to the needy ones or like the ideology that the amount you pay to buy something, some part of its go for the charity then you have landed on the right article. Humble Bundle is very popular among humanity lovers.

So Looking for Humble Bundle Alternatives? Let’s Go..


  • 1 Best Sites Like Humble Bundle
  • 2 10 Best Alternative Sites like Humble Bundle
    • 2.1 1. Indie Gala
    • 2.2 2. Groupees
    • 2.3 3. Daily Indie Games
    • 2.4 4. Cubic Bundle
    • 2.5 5. Flying Bundles
    • 2.6 6. Stack Social Bundle
    • 2.7 7. Story Bundle
    • 2.8 8. Bundle Stars
    • 2.9 9. Lazy Guys Bundle
    • 2.10 10. Bundle in a Box
    • 2.11 Last Words

Best Sites Like Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a great and a unique platform where you can do mass purchasing and some part of its go for the charity. Using websites like Humble Bundle, you can help in donating something good to charity. If you are a human being who is living a happily life and like to donate then you must look at the Sites like Humble Bundle.

Motivating and keeping the work on the track, below we have also listed top 10 best Sites like Humble Bundle. The below list is an updated list of October 2018 and make sure to read the below article completely in love with humanity and not to miss any important information.

Excited to Know? Let’s Go..

10 Best Alternative Sites like Humble Bundle

1. Indie Gala

Indie Gala - sites like humble bundle

On the top of this list we have Indie Gala. This is a website which you will need to check everyday in order to not miss any ongoing giveaway, discounted offers and to get the best deals. This website gets updates on regular basis and is one of the active websites on this planet. Being an alternative of Humble Bundle, this website also give some amount of its earning to charity.

Sometimes, even they offer 95% discounts on mass purchasing on games. Generally they offer bundles set having each of 10-12 games. If you need then you can also find more or less on this website. Even, sometimes they feature free giveaway that makes it so popular. Here, you can find out the best games in bundles and the bundle of 10 games is so cheaper that you will be shocked. If you are going to buy a single game than it will cost more.

2. Groupees

Groupees - Sites like humble bundle

Next, we have Groupees as another best sites like Humble Bundle for books that not only provides mass purchasing of games but also comics, eBooks, music tracks and more. The price of bundled games are very less and the price you have to pay per game in bundle will be too less that you will be shocked. By heading the mass purchasing platform to the next level, this website also made multiple games by its own and sold them on Steam.

Most of the time, they also feature deals that no one can let go out of hands. The deals found to be unimaginable. Proving the Bundle of Joy, this website let you get bundled games, eBooks, comics and much more. This is a must try website.

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3. Daily Indie Games

Daily Indie Games

Next website in this list we have Daily Indie Games. This website offers the best bundled games that you can look for. They also offers on the purchase of bundled games on the daily basis. Therefore, it will be great if you visit them on regular basis to find out the best offer. Whenever you visit them, they always feature a bundle of 10 games with discounted price and special offers.

To use it, first of all you will need to register yourself then you will be able to use the services. The rate per game you will get is suitable and the best you can find over the internet. Due to discount prices and special price, sometimes here you will find a single game from a bundle for $0.05. As the payment is non-refundable, you must keep an eye of why you need and what are you purchasing.

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4. Cubic Bundle

Next we have Cubic Bundle. Cubic Bundle is a great initiative that you will find over the internet for mass purchasing of bundled games. Here, you will only find out bundled games only. The price can be found on bundled games, even single games are unimaginable. If you stay updated with this website, then we are sure that you will get the bundled games even for $1.

Moreover, they do not store any payment information. Therefore, you can freely shop bundled games here without any restrictions. This is a must try website as you can find the bundle of best games on discounted rates and as you are aware of offers as well.

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5. Flying Bundles

In the middle of this list we have Flying Bundles as one of the best site like Humble Bundle 2018 that you can go for to buy bundled games at cheapest rates and on discount prices. This website was introduced in around mid of 2013 and gained popularity in very less time. Here you will find great deals on digital games for platforms like Desura and Steam.

They work like the best with the policy of pay what you want. That is the customer here can decide the price of bundle that they wish to buy. Then, the suitable price gets the bundle of games and enjoys. The Payment process is totally great and safe on this website. They also donate some amount of their earning to the charity.

6. Stack Social Bundle

Second middle numbering of this list we have Stack Social Bundle. This website is a different and too good for daily learners. We all are learners, and we should learner something new everyday. Working on the same phenomenon, this website offers online courses, certifications, programming, apps + software, drones and much more on their website.

Being a priceless treasure for the people who are unable to get outside of their home and want to learn courses from their homes, this website provides bundled courses to buy and certifications with them. Working on the phenomenon of pay what you want, this website is great to go.

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7. Story Bundle

StoryBundle - Site like Humble Bundle

Story Bundle is another great website that you can look for mass purchasing of best and popular books of your choice at the lowest and best rates. Here, you can find around six to ten books in a bundle of books. Sometimes, you will find single books at lowest and best rates too. Books are one of the best medium to enlighten yourself. You get the knowledge. Every successful completes a book every week.

Story Bundle mostly sell books by Indie Books that are written by Indie Authors. Same as others, this website also works on the principle of pay what you want and that is a great opportunity.

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8. Bundle Stars


Here we have a one of the best sites like Humble Bundle that you can look for to get quality games in bundles and also on the cheapest bundled price. This website is very popular and most visited website under this category. Sometimes, even they offer 99% discount on bundled games. Therefore, it will be greater to visit it on regular basis.

Of-course! They donate some part of their earnings to the charity. This website features one of the best games that you can find over the internet. Being one of the biggest name like a brand around the globe, this website is successfully operating around 200 countries worldwide.

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9. Lazy Guys Bundle

Lazy Guys Bundle is very opposite to its name. This website is working like a brand and popular product under this arena of bundled games at the cheapest rates. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough then you will be going to get the whole bundle of games only for $3. Therefore, it will be fine to visit this website on regular basis.

However, it doesn’t operate on bundled music, books, comics etc. Working with bundled games, this website is a like everything else. Every time, offers and discounts can be found running here.

10. Bundle in a Box

On the last of this list but not the least we have Bundle in a Box as one of the best Humble Bundle Alternative of 2018 that you can look for mass purchasing of bundled games at the cheapest and best rates. This website is very well-organised and managed as you gets the best of service while searching for the best of game bundles. They offer a number of game genres like action, SciFi, adventure, puzzle, RPG, role-playing, fighting and much more.

You will be found tired as their list doesn’t end. Same as other websites they also donate some part of their earnings to the charity. As we said well-maintained website, you will find useful sections like recent game additions and top rated games etc. Running on a different pathway, here you will also find game reviews so that you will get the foreknowledge of what you are going to buy. It lets you making decision of what you need and what you are buying.

Last Words

Here we have the list of Top 10 best sites like Humble Bundle of 2018 that you can look for to buy bundled games at discount rates. We hope this article helped you. Don’t forget to comment below guys if you know any other Best Alternative of Humble Bundle that must be listed here. Follow us on social media for more alternatives games, software and entertainment updates. Have a Great Day!! 🙂

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