10 Best Live Streaming Platforms to Watch Live Broadcasting 2018

best live streaming platformLive streaming videos save the day when keeping up with awe-inspiring moments on the go. There are numerous live streaming platforms in the market where you can do live streaming or enjoy live broadcasting. Wondering whit is the best live streaming platform that can satisfy all your needs? No worries, here’s a worthy list of the top 10 live streaming websites to get you started streaming your favourite videos and events anywhere and anytime. We have provided the most accurate and reliable information about each platform to help you make the final decision.


TwitchTwitch is an in-demand live video streaming platform that enables users to stay in touch with events and programs real time. The versatile website allows users to stream live from many game platforms. However, unlike some other platforms on this list, you may want to cash in on a Turbo account for more perks. But if that’s not a letdown and you’ve got a console or PC, get ready to ditch any hassles and stream at lightning speed on Twitch.

  • Twitch is a popular interactive live streaming site offering a wide range of thrilling services
  • Has a free basic account that can be created when logged in on Facebook
  • Also has Turbo account that goes for $4.99 monthly
  • Provides ads-free experience

YouTube Live

 youtube livestreamYouTube live surely has to be among the best live streaming platforms to consider for your live streaming needs. The platform provides analytic features, chats and tools to keep you fully immersed for an engaging and interactive experience.

  • Live chat feature enhances interaction
  • You may not need to do some postproduction adjustments
  • Live chat feature enables users to interact more

Facebook Live

facebook liveSending and receiving messages is not just all you can do on Facebook Live. With the platform’s Live feature, you can keep your contacts and friends in the loop by sharing videos that can be live streamed easily. Whether from pages, pages and public figures, Facebook Live ensures you do’’t miss moments as they unfold.

  • Real-time communication that allows users to give instantaneous feedback
  • Notification to followers when you go live
  • Free access


periscopeIntegrated to Twitter, Periscope is another live broadcast platform with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to keep you viewing the finest videos real time. If it’s impressive and up for viewing, you sure have Periscope to get started. Periscope comes with a plethora of features for a robust and rich streaming experience. Some of these include:

  • Live notifications of new joining and comments when you are live
  • Video replay settings to allow users to catch up with your content later
  • Ability to broadcast videos to your desired audience and share on Twitter
  • Free access for all users
  • 24hr access to replays and ability to delete them at will


younowSocial TV enthusiasts are familiar with YouNow, a live streaming site that allows users to interact with a wide audience by broadcasting live from their mobile phone or webcam. Users consider the platform a great way to connect and make new friends. Among other features, YouNow offers:

  • A fun way to connect with your audience
  • Easy chat features to promote your contents
  • Free access to all users

IRIS (Bambuser)

IRIS (Bambuser)Whether you own a DV camera, a mobile phone or webcam, IRIS is all yours for impressive live streaming. This live streaming platform also allows you to connect and stream live videos from other sites, some of which include Twitter, Myspace, WordPress and Facebook. Enjoy the following features on IRIS:

  • Easy live streaming from multiple devices
  • Geotagging features and sharing buttons for enhanced interaction
  • Social media friendly features
  • Integrated online storage
  • Free access

IBM Cloud Video (Formerly Ustream)

IBM Cloud VideoAnother great pick for live streaming enthusiasts is IBM Cloud Video (it’s formerly known as Ustream). The platform provides a plethora of social media buttons for quick interfacing. It also comes with advanced functionalities that make video sharing simple and seamless. You don’t need to login to use this website; with IBM Cloud Video, simply search for your desired video and you are all set. The only caveat? Subscription fee! At $99/month, you may want to consider other options on this list if that hurts budget a little. However, with an impressive customer support to fix all problems and questions when using the platform, it may well be worth cashing in on the monthly subscription fee. Here’s more on UPSTREAM:

  • A regular live stream platform for broadcasters, marketers and teams
  • Hosts millions of live videos every month including live streams from NASA TV and BusinessBlueprint.com
  • The fluid and friendly interface allows seamless addition of guests, graphics and presentations
  • Good user support for all technical glitches all day and every day
  • Slightly pricey; costs $99/month


DacastA SaaS compliant platform used by all types of professionals, Dacast is another amazing live streaming website to check out. Got a gathering or conference in the offing? Great! Dacast is all yours in the taking. While Dacast comes with a subscription fee, it’s appreciably more budget-friendly than a number of platforms. Here’s more on Dacast.

  • Great video streaming functionalities
  • Useful webcasting capabilities
  • User-friendly interface
  • Costs only $25/month
  • Ads free experience for excellent user experience


livestreamLivestream provides classic live streaming across a wide range of devices like smartphones, camcorders and webcams. The site also provides a number of sharing options and video tools to ensure you stay solidly connected to your audience.

  • Great for streaming from iPhones and iPads with access to numerous websites including Facebook and Twitter
  • Chat feature enhances engagement
  • Starts at $42/month


BrightcoveLast on our list is Brightcove, a live stream platform that is top choice for midsize business owners and enterprises looking to stay connected with teams while doing a whole lot of other activities. The website supports iPhones, iPads and mobile web application.

  • Great tools for video marketing
  • Robust video library
  • Social media sharing functionality
  • Over 100 templates to choose from
  • Free playlists and import video options
  • Starts at $99.00/month


The aforementioned live streaming platforms are all great for live video streaming online. Now you don’t need to select from hundreds platforms as we have already picked 10 of the best platforms for live streaming for you. All these platforms are all quite convenient and will definitely suit your requirements for watching broadcasting online. By the way, if you need to record live streaming videos for offline viewing, AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro, an intuitive screen video recorder, will be a perfect tool.

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