10 Best Free Keywords Tools alternative to Google Adwords keyword planner

Have you tried any of the free alternatives to Google Adwords keyword planner? Here’s a summary of some that are good for your SEO & PPC keyword research.

The Google Company has made its intentions clear about the end of the Google Keyword Planner. Sources from within the have hinted that the company is intent on coming up with a paid option of the same tool. Users of the same will have to subscribe in order to enjoy the associated benefits. It will hence no longer be a free-for-all software. Now, about this sudden change by Google, the SEO community is ablaze with discussions on how they’ve betrayed their loyal clients; strong adherents to the free-for-all ideology. That aside, here are some free alternatives to the Google Adword keyword planner that can help you with keyword research issues and also improve your website’s ranking in organic searches.

Keyword planner alternatives for SEO & PPC keyword research – To Find the Low competitive keywords

10. Mergewords

Mergewords for SEO & PPC

The Mergewords is a fairly simple tool that comes with a set of 3 boxes where you input different parts of a select long tail keyword. That is to say, you can include the primary keyword that is product-related, another for location or query strings and the last one for the particular product’s attributes.  When you are done, just tap on the “Merge” icon. This tool will provide you with a list of keywords that are related to your searches. This platform helps you merge keywords and also supports domain registrations and many other keyword related searches. Something you must note about this tool is that you must select your keyword very carefully. That is the only way you’ll get the best sets of keyword suggestions that rank well in the searches.

9. WordStream

WordStream for SEO & PPC

This keyword research tool gives you the option of using up to 30 keywords for free. The WordStream comes with checkboxes for easy filtration of options. It’s a sophisticated tool capable of providing up to 40hours of PPC analysis in 60 seconds or less, making it one of the best alternatives to Google Adwords keyword planner. This tool is good for benchmarking a site’s performance so as to see aspects that need improvement. It also helps you work faster in order to improve sales and conversions. It has conversion rates close to 75% and creates more leads while also cutting your overall costs by up to 20% so that you maximize on profits. If you are looking for a free alternative to Google Adwords keyword planner, I recommend this one. It also supports multiple Adword campaigns, ad groups, and adverts.


8. SEMrush

SEMrush for SEO & PPC

This one gives you absolute control over keywords and also provides you with a myriad of other options. With SEMrush, only the first 10 search results are free. Every search provides a detailed breakdown of trends and other analytical statistics across Bing and Google regional domains. Searches are simply done by inputting particular keywords in the main box. It is also very easy to find out what your competitor is ranking best for with this keyword search tool. You also get to see sites that are ranking for the same keywords.

With this keyword search tool, it is possible to improve your organic search ranking by leveraging on keyword sets from competitors. Take marketing campaigns a notch higher by using SEMrush to help you go beyond conventional marketing. This tool provides access to analytical data, team-based projects, and custom reports. There is more to ranking than just the usual on-page SEO. Let SEMrush help you with actionable data and analytical info that will see your site’s organic ranking shoot up high.

7. SEO Book

SEO Book for SEO & PPC

This free keyword research tool is the best way to get realms of site data. It provides you search volumes from Google Insights, traffic estimates complete and Alexa, Google and Bing search engines, Google Trends, WordTracker, etc. The SEO Book uses Google Instant to provide you with keyword suggestions. It also provides close to 10 more suggestions on any of the select keywords provided. In order to fully exhaust the list of options, this tool provides you with have Yahoo keyword options as well.

SEO Book also has an inexhaustible list of keywords related to videos, blogs, answer sites, directories and many more. Of course, all these data are related to vertical and lateral keyword searches in your select niche. This alternative to Google Adwords keyword planner provides you a column by column feature description detailing daily and monthly searches in the leading search engines. You have the option to exports all your list of keywords and other metric data to an Excel spreadsheet using the “Export to CSV” button. For all your select list of keywords, the SEO Book provides you with an estimated bid price, just in case you want to buy traffic on Google.

6. Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye for SEO & PPC

This is yet another free alternative to Google Adwords keyword planner that provides keywords in increasing or decreasing sizes. The keyword search results from this “visual” tool are dependent upon the search volume and Adword competition. Depending on your select plan, the Keyword Eye SEO search tool provides a definite set of keywords options. The searches can be filters to particular markets and countries. That is all dependent on Google country databases included in the search results.

The Keyword Eye is powered by some of the most advanced SEO software. This platform provides you data sourced from SEMrush, Grepwords, Google, YouTube, Amazon and many more. This tool provides tips and actionable info that will help you improve your site’s organic search ranking on Google and other search engines. You also get a chance to show your products on Amazon because the Keyword Eye provided data on what Amazon users are searching and lets you tap on that to improve your visibility. This platform lets you improve views and subscriptions on your YouTube videos by ensuring the videos are tailored and targeted to a particular audience using select keywords.

5. KGen

KGen for SEO & PPC

The KGen is a nifty Firefox add-on that is likened to Google Index content keyword feature found in the Google Webmaster Tools. You typically see this keyword research tool as a sidebar in Firefox Mozilla. Whenever you are on a particular webpage, the KGen tool automatically calculates the strength of keywords and evaluates their frequency of use. This makes it easy to single out particular keywords that are ranking best in search results. It also allows you to export your select keywords to an Excel spreadsheet for easier tracking of changes. You can also set up negative words to be ignored in the search rankings. Last but not least, this tool allows you to manipulate tag weights for different keywords.

This tool also gives the option of peeking at a competitor’s keyword strategy. This helps you select your set of keywords more carefully so as to rank well in organic searches. Opening the KGen sidebar is very simple and direct. From the Firefox home page click on the view tab then select sidebar. From the options, choose KGen. For easier access, you can just add and pin it to the toolbar.

4. Bing Keyword Research

Bing Keyword Research for SEO & PPC

Whenever you think of free alternatives to Google Adwords keyword planner, the Bing Webmaster Tools comes to mind. This keyword research tool comes with very cool features for quality keyword analysis and reporting. In order to access this tool, just click on any website in your BWT then navigate to the Webmaster. From there click on Diagnostics &Tools then choose the second tool in the list.

This tool supports search filtering by country and language so that you get keywords for your particular market niche. Bing Keyword Research tool also allows for search defining using dates. This platform also has a blog where you can get updates on various changes and improvements to the Bing Webmaster Tools.

3. KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy for SEO & PPC

This free alternative to Google Adwords keyword planner is the best way to turn your competitors inside out. It helps you reveal the best ranking keywords for your competitors and see how you can leverage on that to beat them in their game. You have the option to filter keyword searches to those that are ‘related’, ‘similar’ as well as those that are often ‘misspelled’. Another strength that comes with this tool is the ability to filter searches by countries and languages.

If you are looking for a free Google Adwords planner alternative that provides invaluable data about competitors, try out the KeywordSpy. It shows the competitors’ organic as well as PPC tends. Like SEMrush, the KeywordSpy only shows you 10 results of the competitor’s Ad copies.

2. Wordtracker

Wordtracker for SEO & PPC

This is one of my favorite free alternatives to the Google Adwords keyword planner. Unlike the keyword planner that was built for Adwords and not SEO, the Wordtracker is actually a Search Engine Optimization tool. It provides you with customized SEO competition metrics so that you compare the performance of other sites in the same niche. It also allows SERP comparison so that you know what areas are costing you in organic search ranking.

You have the option of related and lateral searches to help with more info on ranking. With the Wordtracker, you get access to leading keyword searches on Amazon, YouTube, as well as negative keyword searches. For all queries and complaints, this platform has a 24/7 super-responsive customer support team.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest for SEO & PPC

This very powerful tool is dubbed the ‘King of Secondary keyword searches’. If you have ever tried this free alternative to Google Adwords keyword planner, then you’ll agree with me that the Ubersuggest has a wide range of keywords to choose from. The set of keywords are alphabetically arranged. With this tool, you also get vertical search results for videos, recipes, images, and even news.

Ubersuggest provides head terms and long-tail keyword phrases thus guaranteeing an inexhaustible list of keywords to choose from. Something else about this tool is that for each keyword, it gives you a detailed coverage of seasonal search trends, search volumes, and competition. It supports negative keywords as well as keyword filtering. This is meant to help you narrow down searches to the most relevant ones.


The defunct Google Adword keyword planner provided users with free access to invaluable website statistics. This tool made it easy for website owners to make tweaks and adjustments to their sites in order to improve their organic search ranking. Today, there are different free alternatives to the Google Adword keyword planner. These tools work exactly like the planner, save for a few differences here and there. Try out these alternatives and be sure to have your website rank higher and higher in organic searches.

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